MK Knives & Tools MK-01 Knife Kapuga Edition Grey Tints Elmax Stonewash Flat Grind


MK-01 is probably the most universal knife with fixed blade among the models designed by Marcin Kampka (MK Knives & Tools).

MK-01 Kapuga Edition is a unique execution of MK Knives & Tools knife prepared especially for our shop. The colourful leitmotif of the project is grey tints, visible both on the knife itself and on the holster. Particular attention in the construction is drawn to the characteristic pattern on the handle, which is supposed to emphasize the harmony of the whole construction and the synergy between the user and the knife. It is a knife that is a tool, but it is led by a human hand and above all by a man. The cooperation of these entities is essential for their use.

Presented knife MK-01 Kapuga Edition has a blade made of the highest quality Elmax steel, handle made of extremely durable composite G10, holster made of kydex, and additional holder made of kydex for easy assembly to MOLLE systems.

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Knife MK-01 is a premium class knife handcrafted in MK Knives & Tools workshop, designed for outdoor use and other applications depending on the materials used for its production.

The MK-01 is designed as a first choice tool for field trips, campsites and longer campsites. Its modern but subdued design will probably appeal to a wide variety of users. Traditionalists will appreciate its optimal dimensions and shape using natural hand cavities, supporters of novelties – materials used in the manufacturing process and the way of finishing.

About standards and the knifemaking process at MK Knives & Tools 

Knifemaker Marcin Kampka does not recognize compromises. Each of its products is planned down to the smallest detail, each project, especially the custom one, must have individual features. Each knife must have a perfect finish, grinding, chamfering, etc. All screws – even the smallest ones – are gently chamfered to remove angular finishes. Each knife is treated as a separate whole and the holster is treated the same way. One must fit the other, the patterns on the holster must be consistent with those on the handle, etc. Mirroring every MK Knives & Tools knife we see not only the product, but we “feel” the hours spent in the studio. When we buy Marcin Kampka’s product, we buy many hours of his work. We can be sure that the knife has been polished to the smallest detail.

About model MK-01

MK-01 is produced from different types of steel (Elmax, Vanadis 4 Extra, Vanadis 23 etc.), with different ways of finishing the blade (PVD coating, stonewash, satin). The handle is usually made of a G10 composite, with a variety of colors and different original patterns, including those created by filling the designed cavities with resin in a color also chosen by the knifemaker. For each model, the knifemaker forms a suitable holster from Kydex®, whose colours (holster and accessories) match those of the blade and handle to make a consistent set. The materials used decide on a more precise use of the knife. For example, models in black PVD with a Kydex® holster in dark colours will surely be of interest to those who prefer military-tactical solutions, considering also that all holsters can be mounted to the MOLLE® system, harness components or tactical backpack.

About the presented execution of the knife MK-01

Premium steel as the shank of the knife construction

The presented MK-01 is made of one piece of Elmax steel (chrome-vanadium-molybdenum powder steel). So this is a full-tang knife. Elmax is one of the few steels available on the market that are in the absolute top quality of the premium knife materials. The knives made of it are extremely resistant to overload, remain sharp for an extremely long time and have excellent anti-corrosion properties.

Optimal knife dimensions

The dimensions of the MK-01 knife determine its very universal use. Optimal length (230 mm), predisposes it to various outdoor use, while the thickness of the head (5 mm), shape and construction materials used make it useful for more serious bushcraft, survival and even tactical activities. The size of the knife will allow for skillfully performing kitchen and camp work (preparing meals, planing, etc. ), but it will also make it possible to perform heavier casual camp tasks (stabbing, punching, etc. ).

Grind and blade shape for effective cutting 

The blade of the knife has been derived from a flat grind, which is very effective and versatile in use. When you look at the blade, you will notice a fairly oval drop point blade (a larger bulge at the cutting edge at the tip of the blade). This is a deliberate procedure to strengthen it in this area. If we take a closer look at the roundness, we can see that it is obviously not tanto, which is known for its strength, but the shape resembles it slightly. Of course, this is a trick for both strength and universality of the blade.

There is a jimpig on the back of the blade, which makes it easier to press the blade against the material to be cut. This element makes precise cuts, makes it easier to guide the cutting edge over the material and helps with pressure-intensive cuts.

The sturdy, thoughtful knife handle

The slim, shapely oval of the handle fits very well and lies securely in the hand, its gentle contouring helps to prevent the hand from slipping to the cutting edge. The rounded back protruding from each side of the handle makes holding the knife comfortable and secure.

The ergonomic, revised shape of the handle is made of a very durable G10 composite enriched with grey epoxy resin inserts. G10 is resistant to moisture, temperature changes, most solvents and acids and has high resistance to mechanical damage. In the presented knife the cover material has a rough pattern to prevent the handle from slipping in the hand. The handle covers have been screwed with sandblasted steel screws. The screws complete the knife’s design, elegantly blending in with a stonewash-finished blade.

At the end of the knife handle there is a hole for attaching an additional wire, which can serve as a protection against dropping the knife during operation, or an additional gripper to facilitate the removal of the knife from the holster. Originally, it includes a paracord section with a shade matching the design. The pointed tip of the knife, in which we find a hole for the paracord, can act as a glass breaker.

The sophisticated Kydex® holster and various mounting options 

The knife has a holster made of hand-moulded Kydex® material with high impact and scratch resistance, low moisture absorption, resistant to a variety of weather conditions and many chemicals. In the presented model, the holster is made of black material, complemented by grey and black accessories (black viaduct with gray insert, gray steel screws, black screw washers).

We can fix the holster in several ways. It is attached to the belt by means of a heavy-duty nylon loop, heavy-duty, braided through, or an optional kydex holder (the holster is added to the set). For rucksacks and other elements with MOLLE® solutions, we attach it with an optional kydex holder (which has been specially prepared for this purpose; see short video in the tab: “Assembling to MOLLE solution”) or with string using the through holes in the holster. You can, of course, use the paracord wrap around the holster (its colour corresponds to the section not at the knife).

For consistency of appearance on the holster and the additional kydex clip we will find a “reflection” of the design on the handle.

NAME: MK-01 Kapuga Edition
STEEL: Elmax (61 HRC)

TIP: Drop point
HANDLE: Black G10 with grey inserts

TOTAL LENGTH: 230 mm / 9.055″
BLADE LENGTH: 107 mm / 4.212″
BLADE THICKNESS: 5,0 mm / 0.196″

FINGER GUARD: Not available
WEIGHT: 189 g / 6.66 oz (without sheath)
SHEATH: Kydex® sheath



    • NAME: MK-01 Kapuga Edition
    • TYPE: Fixed blade (full tang)
    • STEEL: Elmax (61 HRC)
    • FINISH: Stonewash
    • TIP: Drop point
    • HANDLE: Black G10 with grey inserts
    • SHEATH: Black Kydex®, grey and black additions
    • GRIND: Flat grind
    • FINGER GUARD: Not available
    • TOTAL LENGTH: 230 mm / 9.055″
    • BLADE LENGTH: 107 mm / 4.212″
    • HANDLE LENGTH: 123 mm / 4.842″
    • BLADE THICKNESS: 5,0 mm / 0.196″
    • WEIGHT:   189 g / 6.66 oz (without sheath)
    • PRODUCER: MK Knives & Tools, Poland



  • MK Knives & Tools gift box
  • MK-01 knife with unique serial number
  • Kydex® sheath
  • Additional Kydex® holder compatible with the MOLLE® system
  • MK steel velcro patch
  • Certificate of authenticity

Assembling to MOLLE solution




Every knife that leaves MK Knives & Tools workshop is extremely sharp and carefully examined before it is sheathed and packaged into the box.

The modern knife steels that we use are top-quality materials. However, all metals corrode over time. It is important, therefore, to take certain precautions. After using your knife with sea water, blood, fruits or other corrosive mediums, you should always rinse the knife with fresh water and dry it off. Before storing your knife, apply a thin film of high-quality gun oil. The knife should never be washed with harder chemicals, for this may damage the finish of the blade. We recommend that you always keep your knife and sheath clean and dry when not in use. Always keep your knife sharp, so it can always take care of you.

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