QSP Knife Stash QS106-A

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Stash is a  QSP Knife project reffered to as an 8 in 1 set in the survival set category.

The creators intend it to be a universal toolbox for survival or other terrain activities. For this reason, in the addition to the basic thing that is the blade, the components of the Stash model are: a 2-meter piece of paracord, sharpener, flat screwdriver, bottle opener, flint and metal scraper for it, mini led lamp.

The kit contains the most intuitive things that a bushcraft maker usually takes with him (e.g. flint) and others that could be obtained properly forming the steel (e.g. opener and screwdriver in the handle). Stash is a comprehensive solution that has the advantage that during preparation for the exit we do not have to remember to pack individual components of your equipment. In addition, it can be a natural choice for a person starting their field adventures, who thus avoids buying individual parts of the sets separately.

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The QSP Knife Stash is a knife designed for survival use and all activities related to staying in the forest, in the mountains etc. Together with the holder, it is an 8-piece survival kit.

Universal blade with a stable mounting

It is a knife with a solid blade with a  full flat grind and a blade in a drop point style. The shape and size of the blade determine the universality of its use. The 8CR14MOV stainless steel blade retains very good cutting properties and is easy to sharpen. The blade has jimping, which provides support for the thumb during cuts requiring the use of more force. In the blade there is a characteristic mounting, which is basically used to lock the blade on the button protruding from the knife holder. The blade is released by pressing the latch. The combination of these two elements means that the knife sits firmly in the holder and does not fall off automatically. This feature gives us the possibility that the whole can be carried with the blade down, e.g. on the backpack straps or a harness element to ensure instant access to the knife. The opening in the blade can also be used for a better grip of the knife, by placing, for example, the index finger.

Handle with useful tools

The knife has a handle with an ergonomic slightly curved shape adapted to the hand. Its lining is made of black fiber glass reinforced nylon. The lining has been designed with transverse indentations so that the hand rests more securely in the handle. The handle is finished with an opening for a paracord,  the braided 2-meter supply is immediately next to the knife. Finally, a flat screwdriver has also been designed, which can be used as a window punch if necessary. On the other side of the screwdriver there is a bottle opener. Both elements are made of steel protruding beyond the outline of the handle.

Holder with survival equipment

An integral part of the Stash model is a plastic holster. In addition to its basic purpose, it has several other functions. First of all, it has a knife sharpener, mini LED lamp with a replaceable battery, flint that can be use to scraper attached to a paracord which is attached to the handle. The holder has a clip for quick mounting on the belt.

NAME: Stash
STEEL: 9Cr14Mov (57-59 HRC)
FINISH: Black oxide finish then stone wash

TIP: Drop point
HANDLE: Black nylon reinforce glass fiber


WEIGHT: 231 g (with sheath)
SHEATH: Plastic holster



    • NAME: Stash
    • TYPE: Fixed blade (full tang)
    • STEEL: 9Cr14Mov (57-59 HRC)
    • FINISH: Black oxide finish then stone wash
    • TIP: Drop point
    • RĘKOJEŚĆ: Black nylon reinforce glass fiber
    • SHEATH: Plastic holster
    • GRIND: Flat
    • FINGER GUARD: Present
    • TOTAL LENGTH: 225 mm
    • BLADE LENGTH: 101 mm
    • HANLDE LENGTH: 124 mm
    • BLADE THICKNESS: 3,8 mm
    • WEIGHT: 231 g (with sheath)




  • QSP Knife gift box
  • QSP Knife Stash QS106-A
  • Plastic holster
  • Knife specification card



QSP knives are covered by a limited warranty. This warranty provides protection against defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty applies to both the knife and its sheath. If the product covered by this warranty fails due to a manufacturing defect we will repair it without charge, or replace it, at our discretion. Only original, unaltered and unmodified items are covered by this warranty.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, improper care, negligence, normal wear and tear, or the natural breakdown of colors and materials over an extended period of time and use.

If you have any questions please contact us – info@kapuga.pl.



  1. Don’t use the edge to cut hard object such as stone, steel tube….
  2. Don’t use the knife as a lever.
  3. Please follow the local and international laws in using QSP knife.
  4. Please wipe it by soft cloth after used, and store in dry place.
  5. Please sharpen the knife properly with correct techniques.

By following these recommendations above, you will enjoy the long life of your QSP.

If you have any questions please contact us – info@kapuga.pl.


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