ZlideOn! Fix, not throw away!

ZlideOn brand is the result of Swedish ingenuity and the result of vigilant observation of the surrounding reality. The brand’s founders, guided by intuition and observed habits of Swedes, conducted research which clearly showed that a third of their compatriots throw away an item if a zipper breaks in it. About a quarter of them replace it themselves, usually removing the entire zipper and zipper and sewing in a new one. ZlideOn is a response to the results of these observations. ZlideOn is the answer to the question: why throw away a sweatshirt, bag, pants or backpack, if the product is suitable for further use after a minor repair. The replaceable ZlideOn zipper makes repair quick and easy.

ZlideOn Made in Sweden

The brand was founded in Sweden, in a small village in Småland. It is patented and is also produced there. ZlideOn zippers are made of zinc and steel and guarantee durability of use.

ZlideOn friendly for environment

The brand moves with the times. What is very valuable, its concept is environmentally friendly. It’s easy. Every time we decide to repair, not throw away our items, we help the environment. These are not just empty words. By giving a simple example. Every time part of our wardrobe or equipment is repaired, we will not buy another new thing. Thanks to this, nature will not get a new injection of as much as 5 kg of CO2, which is generated in the production of one thing from polyester. In addition, the environment will not end up with discarded product, which may decompose up to 200 consecutive years! By repairing a zipper in old favorite jeans, we save 10,000 liters of water in areas where there is a shortage of them.

ZlideOn for fast and easy repair for people in move

ZlideOn is not only a solution for home use. The brand is primarily a solution for people on the move. Replacement zippers are small and handy accessories that constitute a “backup” for the mother who walks the children to school in the middle of winter, when the zipper needs to be repaired quickly and the child is on the go. It is also support for a tourist whose backpack has broken down and whose things “flowed” into a blue distance and you need to quickly “get hold of” your equipment in order to move on. It is also a solution for an enthusiast of accommodation in the field, a fan of outdoor excursions, bushcrafter, etc., who has a broken sleeping bag and thanks to the zip fastener, the danger of cold at night has been eliminated. ZlideOn zippers are products that save the skin in countless situations, including those that are more challenging, as exemplified by their use by British military personnel.

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