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    Williams Blade Design SZK005 Shobu Zukuri Kaiken 4.5″ | Elmax | Burlap Micarta

    2,299.00  Gross, ( 1,869.11  Net )
    Williams Blade Design SZK005 Shobu Zukuri Kaiken 4.5" | Elmax | Black Burlap Micarta The SZK series features a classic Shobu Zukuri grind for excellent lateral strength and cutting ability. Part of our EDC fixed blade line, this knife is optimized for compact and comfortable carry. Featuring an excellent Elmax steel and black burlap micarta handle scales with brass pins. We produced this blade with TRC Knives because of their reputation for outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail. The SZK 005 is a limited run batch of 150 pieces.

    MK Knives & Tools Crowbar “Earth Brown” Survival Knife

    2,899.00  Gross, ( 2,356.91  Net )
    MK Knives & Tools Crowbar "Earth Brown" is the extraordinary blade crafted to conquer even the most arduous trials of survival: behold the formidable Crowbar Knife! Its name resonates with purpose, symbolizing its immense strength and versatility. With just a single glance, you can rest assured that this remarkable tool will exceed your expectations, leaving no room for disappointment.

    MK Knives & Tools Nomad “OLG”

    1,899.00  Gross, ( 1,543.90  Net )
    MK Knives & Tools Nomad "OLG" is the most universal knife with fixed blade among the models designed by knifemaker Marcin Kampka. Nomad knife is designed as a first choice tool for field trips, campsites and longer campsites. Its modern but subdued design will probably appeal to a wide variety of users. Traditionalists will appreciate its optimal dimensions and shape using natural hand cavities, supporters of novelties - materials used in the manufacturing process and the way of finishing. Nomad is a knife that would surely answer the question of what blade to take when we could choose only one tool (to be able to work with it as universally as possible). Nomad knife from among all MK Knives & Tools models that can be used in the most versatile way.

    TRC Knives Speed Demon Custom Jungle Wear

    1,949.00  Gross, ( 1,584.55  Net )
    TRC Knives Speed ​​Demon Custom Jungle Wear is a limited version of the Speed ​​Demon knife belonging to the "Tales of Man" series, inspired by famous characters of the past, strongly distinguished from the eras in which they lived for various reasons. The impetus for the creation of the Speed ​​Demon was the figure of the iconic American racing driver Frank Lockhart.

    Sliwkosky Knives Kephart | Elmax | Convex Grind | Brown Jute Micarta

    1,799.00  Gross, ( 1,462.60  Net )
    Sliwkosky Knives Kephart Knife | Elmax | Convex Grind | Brown Jute Micarta is a knife that draws on the philosophy of camping, Horace Sowers Kephart, an American popularizer of spending time in nature, who lived at the beginning of the 20th century. Kephart is a knife with a fairly simple structure and a nicely profiled blade. Particularly noteworthy in its construction is the type of grind made on the blade, the so-called: "convex grind". It is a cut that facilitates splitting or baring the wood. In combination with the Sleipner steel used in the knife, known for its resistance to chipping and resistance to overload, a durable and universal tool for the forest has been created. Sliwkosky Knives Kephart Knife | Elmax | Convex Grind | Brown Jute Micarta features a clear, glass-blasted Elmax steel blade, micarta handle covers, black G10 liners and a coyote kydex holster.

    Sliwkosky Knives Hardy ‘Desert Tan’

    Original price was: 1,499.00 zł.Current price is: 1,399.00 zł. Gross, ( 1,137.40  Net )
    Sliwkosky Knives Hardy 'Desert Tan' is indeed a "tough fighter" designed for heavy work. Knifemaker Jakub Śliwka this time made a knife that can certainly be used as a survival knife, ready to handle most tasks that we can meet in the forest or more demanding terrain. Very strong 4.0 mm thick Sleipner steel, known for its chipping strength and resistance to overload, will provide above-average strength. The design and size of the whole 260 mm will allow not only for efficient cutting, planing, chopping or working with flint (thanks to the edges of the ridge adapted to this). In combination with a handle profiled in a way that prevents the knife from slipping out of the hand, it will also be effective when cutting smaller trees or baring wood. Hardy is a knife that is definitely intended for users who practice forest tourism, bushcraft passion, camping in the bosom of nature, etc.

    MS Knives Infinity Knife Black Canvas Micarta | Modestas Skirmantas

    Original price was: 1,799.00 zł.Current price is: 1,579.00 zł. Gross, ( 1,283.74  Net )
    MS Knives Infinity Knife Black Canvas Micarta | Modestas Skirmantas is an original project initiated and executed by the Lithuanian knifemaker Modestas Skirmantas. The project was born out of the need to have a knife that is more universal in nature. Infinity was planned for outdoor use, bushcraft and survival. Infinity (also means infinitude, immensity etc.) is a knife that can cope with a multitude of tasks. It will prove successful in a forest environment, during a trip to the mountains or during a stay in a camp. Preparing a meal, planing wood, stabbing, cutting, chopping and even baring are activities that she can easily handle. MS Knives Infinity Knife Black Canvas Micarta | Modestas Skirmantas is made of premium steel: Elmax, has a black canvas micarta handle and a nicely fitted kydex holster for carrying.