Gerber Gear brand, also known in a shortened version as Gerber, is an American brand present on the market since 1939. Founded in Portland, Oregon, it has been designing, manufacturing and delivering great quality tools to a wide range of users for many years.

Gerber offer

The offer of Gerber brand is very wide and includes: a wide range of multitools, folding knives, knives with a fixed blade (bushcraft, survival, outdoor, hunting, etc.), field axes, field equipment, fishing accessories and tools, accessories and tourist tools, etc.

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Multitool Gerber Suspension-NXT 31-003683

 59.57 Gross, (  48.43 Net )
Multitool Gerber Suspension-NXT 31-003683 is a multifunctional tool from the offer of an American manufacturer. Suspension-NXT is a tool essential which is an evolution of the Gerber Suspension model. Having the so-called the butterfly design fits the hand even better than its predecessor. Suspension-NXT is a steel multitool with practical spring pliers, a safety lock and a total of 15 tools. Suspension-NXT with its design and quality of workmanship, in its very affordable price level, can certainly compete with the offers of other well-known manufacturers. This multitool is a great tool for everyday use, for many different applications. Multitool Gerber Suspension-NXT 31-003683 is made of stainless steel without any coatings (classic steel).