Survival accessories and equipment. Products used in broadly understood survival. Single accessories and kits for survival use. Survival accessories should be understood as items that will help to survive in demanding conditions, e.g. for providing and maintaining fire as a source of heat (tinder, etc.), accessories necessary to prepare a meal in difficult conditions (e.g. a survival stove), etc.

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Black FOX Survival Kit FX-0107153/1SK

169.00  Gross, ( 137.40  Net )
Black FOX Survival Kit FX-0107153/1SK is a must-have designed by an Italian brand in the form of a light aluminum can with accessories useful in difficult conditions. Survival kit contains accessoriess packed in an aluminum box, which can be both part of a larger survival kit as well as an escape backpack prepared in case you need to quickly move away from the place of stay. It should be noted that the set is a loose offer with accessories from various areas in the composition and it can be expanded or some parts replaced as per individual preferences. The Survival kit can therefore be the beginning of our Survival kit. It is worth emphasizing that after any of the components is "exhausted", in most cases it is relatively easy to replace it based on items that can be found at home, in a nearby store or in a pharmacy. Black FOX Survival Kit FX-0107153/1SK is packed in a hermetically sealed box, which after using the set elements can be supplemented with new ones, or used as an improvised vessel.

FOX Knives 2000 Survival Card Piastrina Survival INOX

33.90  Gross, ( 27.56  Net )
FOX Knives 2000 Survival Card Piastrina Survival INOX is useful with multifunctions. Survival card made of durable stainless steel with a number of useful functions useful in everyday life. Compact, with dimensions smaller than a payment card, it will fit into a wallet, pocket, purse, etc., so that it is always at hand when needed. Survival by name, universal in use. Just like a reserve note hidden among our everyday equipment, the card is meant to be the 'last line of defense' in the event of a lack of a basic necessity tool. We leave the knife at home, the card blade will provide its cutting edge. We will unscrew the screw on the pram, the card will certainly tighten it. We will break the handle that opens the can during a picnic in the park, the card will cope with this challenge. All the card functionalities are presented in the further part of the description.

RovyVon® Spring Cocoon U7 Titanium Capsule / Pill Holder

249.00  Gross, ( 202.44  Net )
The U7 capsule is crafted from titanium and thanks to the precision CNC machining it's elegant something like a cocoon so we call it Spring Cocoon. At the top, there's a lanyard/paracord hole for attaching the U7 to your bag, you can take a spare battery (suitable with AA, CR123, and 16340 batteries) in a dry environment to extend the runtime of your gears, or you can store cash or pills (disinfect the internal before putting the pills into it) for emergencies. U7 comes with RovyVon® case which can be used for U7 and other EDC gear. Overall length: 97mm Outer diameter: 21mm Waterproof: Equivalent IPX8
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