Baltic Blades! Under this brand hides the works of the talented Lithuanian knifemaker Paulius Jančiukas. The energetic and ingenious creator has been honing his craft for several years now, surprising with increasingly newer creations. From kitchen knives to hunting, bushcraft, outdoor, and everyday knives, to imaginative accessories useful for their users. Experimenting with designs, types of steel finishes, and handle materials is an area where the knifemaker feels right at home. The results of these experiments surprise, delight, and work because, as Paulius says, “Knives meant to work, not to pose..” Hence, despite their great appearance, the use of various steels (Becut, M390, Elmax, etc.), different handle materials (stabilized wood, micarta, G10, carbon fiber, and FatCarbon, etc.), and sheaths tailored to the knife’s final style (leather or kydex), in the end, its usefulness is what matters most.

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