Axes for outdoor use. Axes for camping etc.

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      BPS Knives Bush Axe with Leather Sheath

       65.78 Gross, (  53.48 Net )
      BPS Knives Bush Axe - Compact Bushcraft Hatchet for Outdoor Expeditions. The BPS Knives Bush Axe is designed for use in outdoor adventures. This compact hatchet comes with a leather belt loop and a protective cover made of the same material for easy transport. Portable, lightweight, and featuring a comfortable grip, it boasts an efficient Scandinavian grind. As a supplementary tool for your travel gear, it proves particularly valuable in situations where every gram matters, and anticipated tasks do not demand the heft of a traditional, heavier axe.  

      Martinez Albainox One Fight Axe (32144)

       34.98 Gross, (  28.44 Net )
      Toporek Martinez Albainox One Fight Axe (32144) to nawiązujące do stylistyki amerykańskich tomahawk narzędzie z rodziny siekier wzbogacone o funkcje dodatkowe.

      Williams Blade Design CBX002 Compact Bearded Axe 12.5”

       0.00 Gross, (  0.00 Net )
      Williams Blade Design CBX002 Compact Bearded Axe 12.5” The perfect companion for backcountry adventures or your bugout bag. Compact, lightweight, and versatile. Hold at the base of the handle for chopping, choke up behind the blade for finer tasks. 80CrV2 steel, with full tang construction, makes for an exceedingly tough and reliable tool that is also easy to sharpen in the field. This run features black canvas micarta scales and a kydex quick access sheath. Made by Master Bladesmith Daniel Winkler and his team in the mountains of North Carolina.