MK Knives & Tools – Marcin Kampka. Offer of knives with a fixed blade ‘Made in Poland’. Meet the “MK Fixed Dream Team”. Crowbar! 320 mm | 12.60″. The biggest of the gang, a survivalist. A knife for heavy tasks: batoning wood, clearing the area for a camp. Replaces an ax if necessary. Sentinel! 272 mm | 10.71″. Slim, handy, ready for action, liked by active people who are on the move. Rambler! 260 mm | 10.24″. A true forest wanderer, loved by camping fans, woodworking is his specialty. Nomad! 230mm | 06″. Universal, reliable, for every occasion, for planing wood and for the outdoor kitchen, depending on the need. Scout! 203mm | 7.99″. Great for light outdoor use, trail cooking and quick hiking cooking. It will also work well in the EDC world. Claw! 185 mm | 7.28″. A resident of “EDC City”, great for everyday use and useful in special operations, e.g. in the garden to cut off branches. Spike! 120 mm | 4.72″. A feisty little guy, discreet in your pocket, perfect for everyday use!

Check it out today! Look for your dream design, material and favorite series. Currently offered series: “Wood Spirit”, “Postapo”, “FuturePunk” and single realizations.

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      MK Knives & Tools Rambler “HGF2T #3” Bushcraft Knife

       411.20 Gross, (  411.20 Net )
      MK Knives & Tools Rambler "HGF2T #3" is a knife created for wandering and being in the bosom of nature. When choosing a universal forest knife, we recommend this model. It is large enough (260 mm | 10.24" in total) to handle harder work in wood, baring, etc. Its 130 mm (5.16") blade is quite wide and universally profiled, which makes it very efficient and useful for smaller camp tasks, such as preparing a meal. Presented knife has a DLC coated blade made of Elmax premium steel and Desert Tan & green G10 handle. Knife comes with black Kydex holster.

      MK Knives & Tools Crowbar “Earth Brown” Survival Knife

       518.52 Gross, (  518.52 Net )
      MK Knives & Tools Crowbar "Earth Brown" is the extraordinary blade crafted to conquer even the most arduous trials of survival: behold the formidable Crowbar Knife! Its name resonates with purpose, symbolizing its immense strength and versatility. With just a single glance, you can rest assured that this remarkable tool will exceed your expectations, leaving no room for disappointment.

      MK Knives & Tools Nomad “OLG”

       339.66 Gross, (  339.66 Net )
      MK Knives & Tools Nomad "OLG" is the most universal knife with fixed blade among the models designed by knifemaker Marcin Kampka. Nomad knife is designed as a first choice tool for field trips, campsites and longer campsites. Its modern but subdued design will probably appeal to a wide variety of users. Traditionalists will appreciate its optimal dimensions and shape using natural hand cavities, supporters of novelties - materials used in the manufacturing process and the way of finishing. Nomad is a knife that would surely answer the question of what blade to take when we could choose only one tool (to be able to work with it as universally as possible). Nomad knife from among all MK Knives & Tools models that can be used in the most versatile way.

      MK Knives & Tools Claw “V-Serie #4”

       357.54 Gross, (  357.54 Net )
      MK Knives & Tools Claw "V-Serie #4" is the knife from karambits family. Originally, karambit was created in distant times in Malaysia and the Philippines, and its shape was inspired by the claws of large predatory cats. Characteristic for its construction were a curved blade and an inverted handle with a finger hole. Claw by MK refers to this style, but its blade has a straight cutting edge, which definitely increases its functionality. Due to its construction, the Claw knife can be suitable for tactical use and for the needs of uniformed services. It will work when cutting ropes, plastics, materials that are difficult to approach, but also rubbing it will be more versatile in everyday life. Due to its design, Claw will be very effective for trimming plants, tree branches, etc.