MK Knives & Tools – Marcin Kampka. Offer of knives with a fixed blade ‘Made in Poland’. Meet the “MK Fixed Dream Team”. Crowbar! 320 mm | 12.60″. The biggest of the gang, a survivalist. A knife for heavy tasks: batoning wood, clearing the area for a camp. Replaces an ax if necessary. Sentinel! 272 mm | 10.71″. Slim, handy, ready for action, liked by active people who are on the move. Rambler! 260 mm | 10.24″. A true forest wanderer, loved by camping fans, woodworking is his specialty. Nomad! 230mm | 06″. Universal, reliable, for every occasion, for planing wood and for the outdoor kitchen, depending on the need. Scout! 203mm | 7.99″. Great for light outdoor use, trail cooking and quick hiking cooking. It will also work well in the EDC world. Claw! 185 mm | 7.28″. A resident of “EDC City”, great for everyday use and useful in special operations, e.g. in the garden to cut off branches. Spike! 120 mm | 4.72″. A feisty little guy, discreet in your pocket, perfect for everyday use!

Check it out today! Look for your dream design, material and favorite series. Currently offered series: “Wood Spirit”, “Postapo”, “FuturePunk” and single realizations.

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    MK Knives & Tools Crowbar “Earth Brown” Survival Knife

     666.77 Gross, (  542.09 Net )
    MK Knives & Tools Crowbar "Earth Brown" is the extraordinary blade crafted to conquer even the most arduous trials of survival: behold the formidable Crowbar Knife! Its name resonates with purpose, symbolizing its immense strength and versatility. With just a single glance, you can rest assured that this remarkable tool will exceed your expectations, leaving no room for disappointment.