FKMD – Fox Knives Military Division. The FKMD brand was created as a result of cooperation of the FOX Group with the military industry, created to distinguish production for the military from production for the civilian market. The brand, existing since 2005, addresses its offer to fans of military and tactical equipment. Many of the products in FKMD are certified by the NATO Stock Number (NSN), a 13-digit numeric code that identifies products in NATO countries.

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FKMD FOX Rescue Emergency Tool AISI 420 Black

 19.58 Gross, (  15.92 Net )
FKMD FOX Rescue Emergency Tool AISI 420 Black is a project of an Italian manufacturer made for the military and made available to civilian users. FKMD Rescue Knife is a rescue tool designed to provide a very simple and quick response in the event of an immediate need to cut ropes, parachute line, safety belts, fishing nets and so on. The ssheath has a clip on the back that allows the tool to be placed in various positions in a combat jacket, as well as in diving equipment, backpack loops, etc. Thanks to the opening at the front, after attaching the rope, it can be used as a neck knife. The knife has a NATO identification number: NSN 5110-15-000-0215. The knife has a serrated blade made of 420J2B stainless steel and a handle and a holster made of FRN NYLON® (reinforced fiberglass - black) in black.