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      Wanderer’s Stove Small | Steel Portable Stove

       23.98 Gross, (  19.50 Net )
      Wanderer's Stove Small | Steel Portable Stove is a useful solution for lovers of outdoor cooking. Light, compact, easily folded. Packed in a lightweight aluminum box for easy carrying and protection against dirt. Made of stainless steel for strength and durability. A stove powered by combustible materials obtained from the environment: cones, sticks, shavings, bark, larger and smaller pieces of wood, leaves and dry needles, which can be easily loaded inside from the grate (from the top) or from the front through the hole provided for it. The stove can also be lit or powered by solid fuels from various manufacturers. On two walls of the cooker, the oxygenation holes are shaped as the symbol: "Wanderer's Foot". It is a tribute to people leading a wandering lifestyle, lovers of communing with nature. "Wanderer's Foot" theme. Credo: Each of us makes our own paths and leaves traces on them. It is only up to us in which direction we will go. Traveling along the beaten path, but also a rush into the unknown – this is how you could describe the general human tendency to “be here and there”. The foot symbolizes movement and man’s restless nature. You can find the shape of a familiar continent in its outline, but nothing stands in the way, draw your maps and go where your legs (feet) will carry you!