Mugs for home and outdoor use. The offer includes dishes for both householders and lovers of outdoor cooking. Mugs in a variety of materials and with your favorite motifs, graphics, etc.

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    Polish Knifemakers Mug 350 ml

    49.00  Gross, ( 39.84  Net )
    Polish Knifemakers Mug 350 ml is an elegant household utensil. The graphics on the mug wall are a tribute to the huge community of talented craftsmen from Poland and fans of their work. The mug in subdued black and white colors has a comfortable grip handle. The capacity of 350 ml allows for a longer moment of relaxation with a portion of your favorite coffee or tea.

    Mug with Wanderer’s Foot theme 350 ml

    49.00  Gross, ( 39.84  Net )
    Mug with Wanderer's Foot them 350 ml is an elegant dish for home use. Presenting the favorite theme of travelers, wanderers and vagabonds, it encourages you to take a well-deserved rest and relax in the privacy of your home with a portion of a warm drink. Delicious tea or aromatic coffee in your favorite dish is a kind of reward after field wandering, calming emotions, allowing you to calm down and gently transition to everyday life. A mug with the Wanderer's Foot motif used during office or other work is a reminder and a promise of a quick return to the beaten and new trails.