Do you want your knife to last a long time? Learn 5 rules how to take care of it.

Imagine pulling out your favorite knife and being surprised to see tiny spots of rust on the blade. You grip the wooden handle and feel the bulges caused by moisture. You want to cut into a tomato, but the blade just glides across the surface… Brrr! Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? We don’t want it to become a reality, so here are 5 rules to help you keep your knife in good condition.

Why is knife maintenance important?

Knife maintenance is as important as the maintenance of any other equipment. If you change the oil in your car, waterproofing your shoes and covering your books with paper (well, let’s just say…), take care of your favorite blade too. Not sure how to do that? Good thing you’re looking for advice online. We’re happy to help and that’s why we’ve put together 5 simple rules for knife maintenance. If you stick to them, your blade will serve you for many years to come.

5 rules of knife maintenance you should follow

We know a lot about knife maintenance, because our lives revolve around them. We have compiled the most important information into 5 sub-points which you can take as your maintenance checklist. This will help you quickly remember which steps you should take if you want to enjoy your knife for a long time.

1. Always wipe dry.

Prolonged moisture is generally damaging, so make sure your equipment is always dry. If you can, wipe the blade after each use. Remember to do this after handling fruit or vegetables, seawater, blood or sweat as these are highly corrosive.

Protect the blade with suitable means, such as e.g. Pruciak Protector knife wax stick.
Clean and dry you knife after use.

Also make sure handles and scabbards dry. Of course, some materials are more susceptible to Obviously some materials are more susceptible to external influences, while others are completely resistant (at least in theory). So when should you be on your guard?

When it comes to blades, tool steels and those with a high When it comes to blades, tool steels and steels with a high carbon content deserve special treatment, i.e:
– 1095
– 1085
– 1055
– A2
– D2
– Carbon V
– SK5M2
– O1

What about the holster and handle? The “higher risk” materials are of course wood and leather. Although these used in the manufacture of the knife are specially treated, they are still natural materials susceptible to moisture. Therefore, take care of the leather scabbard and the wooden handle by always wiping them dry. On the other hand, you do not have to worry if your knife is made of (e.g. G10, Kydex, Holstex). They are generally resistant to moisture and most chemical agents. However, it won’t hurt if you also dry them after use. Why take the risk?

2. Use preservatives

Even baby oil or cooking oil can be used as an emergency preservative. Nevertheless, you will feel better if you buy a professional knife preservative. You can choose this according to your needs and the material of your knife. This could be, for example, gun oil, gun oil or special wax. Soak a cloth in it and rub it into the surface of the knife.
You can also get an all-purpose product. This will come in handy for hikes, camping trips, long survival expeditions and any other kind of travel. It’s best to choose something that won’t make you uncomfortable with its size, such as the compact knife wax stick – Protector. It’s about the size of a lipstick (just don’t make a mistake! ) and will fit in any pocket. It’s made from natural ingredients so it’s food safe. And you can use it for both The blade, the handle and the holster. Three in one!

3. Take care of the mechanics of folding knives.

Folding knives are more prone to faults than fixed blade knives. Their weak points are Folding mechanisms and locks. During use, grains of sand, mud particles, grains of sand, mud particles, hair and food leftovers fall into the tiny holes. Dirt causes the mechanism to jam and lock. If you neglect your folding knife, the consequences will be felt sooner than you expect. You risk your safety – the lock can stop working when you least expect it. So what should you do to take care of your tool?
– Flush the mechanisms regularly.
– Use a brush, wire or compressed air to clean hard-to-reach areas. air.
– If you can, avoid dirt.
– Don’t clog up the mechanisms with large amounts of maintenance products. Just a little is enough. Remember to always wipe off any excess product with a cloth.

4. Use appropriately.

A knife is designed to cut and stab. Therefore, use it as intended and it will serve you better. Don’t open cans with it, don’t hammer nails, don’t screw screws with it and use a crowbar to pry them open. Use a crowbar for prying. Do you often use your blade for such work? Really, you’d better get yourself a nifty toolbox or multi-tool and save the knife for occasions.

Do you like throwing knives? Get yourself a blade designed specifically for this purpose and leave “normal” knives leave “normal” knives alone. Also pay attention to what you are cutting on – some surfaces will dull a knife more than it should (e.g. ceramic). And if it is dirty, God forbid you should put it in the dishwasher or with Domestos. Seriously, warm water and soap are totally sufficient.

Remove contamination in any way convenient for you. When the mechanic starts to work weaker, most likely you will need to perform a more solid service by unscrewing the knife.
Use the knife for its intended purpose. A knife is not a screwdriver, crowbar or cutter.

5. Sharpen as necessary.

To keep your knife in good condition, you not only have to clean, wipe and maintain it, but also sharpen it skillfully. It seems so obvious, yet we mention it here. Why? So that you know how to do it right. Using a blunt knife can be dangerous: the blade can slip right onto your fingers.
To sharpen a knife, use only items dedicated to this purpose. Don’t use a stone you found or a piece of marble. Instead, buy one of the commercially available knife sharpeners. These can be devices that force a fixed sharpening angle and are best if it is your first knife and do not really know how to take good care of it. There are also classic sharpeners, in the form of stone or rod, but when using them you have to keep the right angle yourself – it is about 20 degrees. You can use for sharpening ANV Knives Sharpening Stone for example.

Do you already know how to maintain your knife?

It’s not enough just to have one, you still have to look after it. This principle applies to almost every object you own, including your knife. We hope that after reading our short guide you now know how to look after your blade. Use it as intended, wipe it dry, clean it if it is dirty, sharpen it well and maintain it with the right products and it will last a long time. And that is exactly what we wish for you.

Are you lacking ideas for a camping trip? Plan it with us

The long May weekend is just around the corner, and the hotels and guesthouses are still closed? You can spend the night in an apartment found on the Internet, or you can pack your backpack and go camping. And not just for Corpus Christi. Overnight camping in nature doesn’t require any reservations, so if you enjoy spontaneous trips, this option will be perfect for you. Especially since, as of May 1, the National Forests program “Stay overnight in the forest” comes into force. So go camping!

Why is camping a good idea for a trip?

As we wrote in early April, the National Forest’s “Overnight in the Woods” program is going permanent starting this year. What does this mean for you? As the name suggests, you will be able to legally camp overnight in the forest. This change in the aftermath of a pilot program operating since 2019, which checked whether there is indeed a need among citizens to use the accommodation “in the wild”, but also whether these citizens can behave in the forest.

Since the results of the pilot program were more than satisfactory, the National Forests have designated dozens of large areas throughout the country where you can legally camp and enjoy time spent in contact with nature. Naturally, you should follow the designated rules, including the Leave No Trace rule (which we wrote about HERE). If you don’t stick to them… you’ll see, we’ll find you and say a few words to your ear.

Why is camping a good idea for a long weekend (and not only)?

In addition to the “Stay overnight in the forest” program, the first of May marks the beginning of Poland’s national barbecue games. The delicious smell of grilled sausages and less tasty, but sometimes very juicy voices of the participants spreads through the streets. So if you like to spend your free days enjoying peace and quiet, for the long weekend (and all other free, warm days) choose places far away from civilization.

We are laughing a little bit here because we also love barbecuing and we devote ourselves to this sport with great commitment. However, we appreciate the opportunity to spend time surrounded by nature, where no one will be shouting or playing loud music. Such situations can meet you not only in your own garden but even during a vacation in a guest rented apartment. Therefore, camping is a great idea for Corpus Christi and other free, warm weekends. And for some, also the cold ones.

Planning a camping trip step by step

You are probably wondering how to get prepared for a camping trip. This type of trip does not require long planning, which is why you can decide to go camping spontaneously. However, if you haven’t been camping before, it’s a good idea to prepare a few things before you set off. Otherwise, you risk a very unsuccessful trip, which is not what we want.

When to go camping

Planning a camping trip is closely linked to the weather. The vast majority of campers prefer good weather conditions, i.e. at least moderate temperatures, sunny days, and no rain. Believe me, there is nothing pleasant about drying wet clothes under the tent. Everything dampens – sleeping bags, mats, underwear, food, and you. That is why the period from May to September will be optimal. However, you can also have a good camping trip in April or October. It is best to carefully keep an eye on the weather so that you are not unexpectedly caught out by snow in your tent.

Where to go camping

As we mentioned earlier, the National Forests have declared dozens of areas in Poland open for camping. These areas are available above all for survival and bushcraft enthusiasts. However, this doesn’t mean that ordinary campers can’t also take advantage of the possibility to legally spend the night in the forest. Simply behave yourself and do not disturb others, and it will be a nice time spent.

If you’re wondering where you can legally camp overnight in the woods, here, especially for you, is a list of the 46th “Overnight in the Woods” program areas in each forest district.

  • Antonin – Lasy Rychtalskie
  • Baligród – Lasy Bieszczadzkie
  • Brzeziny – Lasy Spalsko-Rogowskie
  • Celestynów – Lasy Warszawskie
  • Chojnów – Lasy Warszawskie
  • Cisna – Lasy Bieszczadzkie
  • Czarna Białostocka – Puszcza Knyszyńska
  • Dąbrowa – Bory Tucholskie
  • Dojlidy – Puszcza Knyszyńska
  • Drewnica – Lasy Warszawskie
  • Elbląg – Lasy Elbląsko-Żuławskie
  • Gdańsk – Lasy Oliwsko-Darżlubskie
  • Gryfino – Puszcze Szczecińskie
  • Jabłonna – Lasy Warszawskie
  • Janów Lubelski – Lasy Janowskie
  • Karnieszewice – Lasy Środkowopomorskie
  • Karwin – Puszcza Notecka
  • Kliniska – Puszcze Szczecińskie
  • Lubsko – Bory Lubuskie
  • Łagów – Puszcza Świętokrzyska
  • Międzychód – Puszcza Notecka
  • Milicz – Lasy Doliny Baryczy
  • Mrągowo – LKP Lasy Mazurskie
  • Oborniki – Puszcza Notecka
  • Olsztyn – Lasy Olsztyńskie
  • Osie – Bory Tucholskie
  • Pisz – Lasy Mazurskie
  • Polanów – Lasy Środkowopomorskie
  • Sieraków – Puszcza Notecka
  • Skwierzyna – Puszcza Notecka
  • Syców – Lasy Rychtalskie
  • Szklarska Poręba – Sudety Zachodnie
  • Świeradów – Sudety Zachodnie
  • Trzebciny – Bory Tucholskie
  • Tuchola – Bory Tucholskie
  • Warcino – Lasy Środkowopomorskie
  • Wejherowo – Lasy Oliwsko-Darżlubskie
  • Włocławek – Lasy Gostynińsko-Włocławskie
  • Woziwoda – Bory Tucholskie
  • Wronki – Puszcza Notecka
  • Żmigród – Lasy Doliny Baryczy
  • Niepołomice – Puszcza Niepołomicka
  • Piwniczna – Lasy Beskidu Sądeckiego
  • Nawojowa – Lasy Beskidu Sądeckiego
  • Bielsko – Lasy Beskidu Śląskiego
  • Wisła RDLP w Katowicach – Lasy Beskidu Śląskiego

You can find the specific boundaries of permitted lands on the Forest Data Bank map. If you have any doubts, you can always ask the Regional Directorate of State Forests responsible for your chosen location – contact details can be found on the State Forests government website.

        What to bring on a camping trip

Even the best getaway can turn into a nightmare if you don’t have the right gear with you. Are you wondering how to pack yourself for a camping trip? We’ll give you some hints and hopefully, you’ll use them. Besides things as obvious as clothes, food and a tent, take as well:

1. A sleeping mat or inflatable mattress. The former folds up quickly, although after one night you feel like your spine is twisted. The second one though provides comfortable sleep but looks a bit silly in a cramped tent.

2. First aid kit with painkillers, bandages, sterile gauzes, hydrogen peroxide, plasters, mosquito repellent, sunburn remedy, something for indigestion and intestinal problems, and if you are allergic, also antihistamines.

3. A sharp knife. This is an essential tool for any camping trip, no matter if it’s a camping trip with kids or a bushcraft expedition deep into the woods. A good knife will provide you with support in many daily activities, like helping you to prepare the area for camping, cooking a meal, and setting up camp. If you don’t have a suitable blade, it’s time to get one – for example, one from this large collection of outdoor knives.

  • 4. Flashlight. While summer days are long, they’re not as long as they are in Iceland. Therefore, be prepared for the dark night hours and take an appropriate flashlight with you. For a demanding survival expedition, take something that will last many hours without recharging, such as the RovyVon Angel Eyes E200s model with ample power and a large battery. It will also be suitable for weekend camping, but if you prefer something more compact, think about a small and handy flashlight block that you can clip to your backpack, trouser belt, or keys. You can find a good selection of them HERE.5. Cooking equipment. A mess-tin is a must, but you can also take with you tourist dishes (they fold easily, take little space), tourist gas stove, and cutlery (also tourist).6. Shovel. You know, some things will not bury themselves.7. Water filter or tablets for water disinfection.We know that a real man does not use cosmetics, but if from time to time you would like to feel at least a little bit of freshness, and you are camping far from water, take some wet wipes with you (very good are those for babies if only your pride can stand it 😀 ).

Everywhere is good, but the best is in the forest

Now that you know how to prepare for camping and where to go, there is nothing left to do but pack your backpack and hit the road. There are many warm weekends ahead, including Corpus Christi, and then the summer vacations. As we mentioned, camping doesn’t have to be planned days in advance. You only need an hour to pack your backpack and hop on the train/bike/ car. So… long live spontaneity! And grilled sausage, everyone likes grilled sausage.

Leave No Trace – what does it involve?

You may have come across the term ‘Leave No Trace’ before. And we’re not talking about a pretty good film from 2018, known in Poland as “Leave No Trace”, but about a certain style of being among nature, interacting with it without leaving any traces behind. The Leave No Trace movement has American roots, but its philosophy applies to each of us. Therefore, it is worthwhile for you to learn and apply 7 simple rules in your life

Where did the Leave No trace movement come from?

Leave no Trace originated in the United States. Immediately after the war, it became fashionable to spend time in nature, and many fans of hiking appeared. Unfortunately, tourists lacked knowledge about how to treat wildlife, so they unintentionally destroyed the natural environment while camping. This is why the 7 principles of Leave No Trace were created. Unlike the title of the film we mentioned, Leave No Trace here translates as “leave no trace”. And that should be the guiding principle for anyone who wants to go camping, have a picnic in the woods or hike a mountain trail.

7 principles of Leave No Trace

Although they originated in the United States, they are equally applicable worldwide. After all, the idea of taking care of the environment is alive in every country (or at least it should be…). Especially today, when we have started to realize how much progressive technology and urbanization destroy nature, our care for the surrounding nature is even more necessary. The Leave No Trace principles set out the standards that should apply to all contact with the environment. So get to know them and apply them whenever you can.

A permanent trace, but there was a need

A temporary trace that disappeared immediately after taking the photo

1. plan and prepare your trip

A trip without prior preparation is an easy recipe for disaster. If you want to experience your adventure without fear of harm, plan your route carefully, choose the right equipment and check the weather. To be even better prepared, take note of the conditions you will be travelling in, where you can safely and legally camp and where you can light a fire. Find out what kind of wildlife will surround you and whether there is a risk of encountering dangerous wild animals.
Take the necessary equipment with you, that is:
–> a sturdy rucksack,
–> a good knife (e.g. a clever neck knife),
–> first aid kit,
–> map,
–> compass,
–> food and water.
If you still don’t know how to prepare well for such a trip, take a look at our previous texts: 3 simple tips for a bushcraft beginner and 3 things you should take on a survival trip.

2. travel and camp on a suitable surface

You care about not destroying nature. We know this, because otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article. So we probably don’t need to tell you how important it is to stick to marked paths and not to trample new ones, not to deviate from the trail and not to trample an area with delicate vegetation.
No use explaining that one person will not do much damage after all. Not one person, but dozens of people following you will. If you plan to spend the night on the route, it is best to camp in designated camping places. And if you are camping in the wild, make sure that the surface on which the tent is placed is hard and compacted. Don’t damage flowers and other delicate vegetation.

3. take your rubbish with you and dispose of it properly

This is probably the most obvious rule. But if everyone knows you’re not allowed to litter in nature (or anywhere else), why are the trails full of empty bottles, sandwich wrappers and meal leftovers? Apparently, we have to repeat until the end – DON’T LITTER. If you have the strength and space to carry a full bottle, all the more reason to carry an empty one. Remember that organic waste must also be brought along – even a banana peel or an apple stub. If you leave them behind, wild animals will take an interest in them, which disrupts their natural functioning and can simply be harmful.

TRC Knives Mille Cuori in the wilderness of Beskidy… No worries! The knife was taken away and it didn’t pollute the environment

4. leave the place as you found it

Do not damage the environment, do not break branches, do not pick flowers. Don’t destroy the existing tourist infrastructure – this also applies to romantic signatures carved into a wooden shelter or, even worse, a tree trunk. When you set out on a hike, you want to encounter intact nature, right? So leave it behind exactly as it was before you came.

5. light fires responsibly

Preferably not at all. If you can, use a tourist gas cooker – in Poland there are already In Poland there are already several dozen areas where you can use it freely. If you do not have such a possibility, try to do without fire. And if you absolutely have to light a campfire, stick to a few rules:
– Make the fire in a designated area.
– Only gather dead branches which are lying down for fuel.
– Always keep the fire under control.
– Never leave the fire unattended!
– Always burn your fire to the end or put it out thoroughly.

6. respect the wildlife around you

You are the guest in the forest. Wild animals have their own paths, feeding areas and habits. Do not disturb them. If you see a wild animal, move away. Absolutely do not feed it! Always keep quiet in nature, do not shout, do not scold and do not interfere with what you find. The same goes for vegetation – take a souvenir with you in the form of a photo, not a bouquet of flowers.

7. remember that you are not alone on the trail

When you go on a long hike, you probably want to feel completely cut off from the world – in the woods, in the mountains, on a wild beach. But there are more hikers than you, and everyone wants to fully enjoy nature. So be kind to others, say hello on the trail, and help if you need to. Try not to be a nuisance to people you meet on the trail. Just behave as you would like others to behave.

Why is the application of Leave No Trace particularly important now?

There are fewer and fewer forests and green spaces, and more and more cities, buildings and roads. The more we look after the nature around us, the longer it will remain a delight. If we want future generations to be able to relax in nature, too, then we need to ensure that nature is left in the best possible condition.
All the more so as Poland has recently launched a pilot program concerning areas where it is possible to camp in the wild. You can read more about it in our article (I don’t see it on the website, but if there is, it’s worth linking to). The effects of the scheme were so beneficial that the decision was made to make it permanent. It will be possible to camp in the wilderness again from 1 May this year. Therefore, let’s show that the National Forests are right to trust us and let’s present ourselves from the best side, applying the 7 principles of Leave No Trace.

The Z100 from ANV Knives in the orange version is not so easy to lose, which makes it easier to approach “what you took to the forest, take back with you”

So remember – leave no trace

Unless as a comment to this article – Applying Leave No Trace principles is important not only during long survival or bushcraft expeditions. Also family picnics, trips with friends or holiday climbing Giewont should take place with respect for nature and remembering about your own and others’ safety.
Don’t wear flip-flops on a trip to the mountains, don’t cut down branches to make yourself a cool shack and don’t feed that cute roe deer that looks like Bambi. Don’t litter no matter where you are – in the city centre or in the middle of the wilderness. Introduce the 7 principles of Leave No Trace permanently into your life and thus take care of the environment. We have been doing it for a long time and we can see that it pays off!

Nature is able to repay … The photo shows a slow worm who “went” his way a moment later

“Alien tree”, the beauty of pristine nature


Can you sleep in the wild in the woods? Now yes!

Exactly 30 years had to pass before the act on forests was interpreted to the satisfaction of lovers of entertainment such as survival or bushcraft. This is great news! Because let those who have never spent the night in the wild in the forest, risking a mandate from the forest inspector, throw a stone … How did the changes come about? Where in Poland can you legally sleep in the forest? Do you have to meet any conditions? You can read about it later.

Sleeping in the wild in the forest and the Forest Act from 1991

Until 2019, the law for sleeping in the wild in the forest was unclear. In the Act on forests of 1991, Art. 30 said:

 “It is forbidden (…) to camp outside the places designated by the owner of the forest or forest inspector”.

It did not specify what camping is and how an authorized area should be designated. The forest inspectorates created tourist points with toilets and litter bins. Any wild camping was therefore illegal and carried the risk of a mandate from a forest ranger.

Bushcraft and survival require wild terrain, far from civilization. Therefore, fans of outdoor entertainment were not satisfied with the permitted camping points. In addition, there were definitely too few of these spots on the entire map of Poland. The only thing left was to give up your favorite way of spending time, or break the rules and set up a campsite in the middle of the forest. Some tried to come to an agreement with local foresters, but such arrangements could end up unpleasant for both sides.

The State Forests pilot program – from 2019 sleeping in the forest is allowed!

When, in 2019, the State Forests announced the annual pilot program for wild camping in the forest, enthusiasts of survival and bushcraft saw a light in the dark tunnel of the existing regulations. Although the program did not guarantee complete freedom, its assumptions led to the designation of initially 41 (later 46) areas with a total size of over 65,000. ha. available to anyone who wanted to spend the night in the forest.

The legal re-interpretation of the 1991 Act made it possible to change the perception of the “allowed place”. Instead of specific points, forest districts could indicate a larger area with specific, clearly marked borders. And so, from November 21, 2019, for 12 equal months, not only survivalists and buchcrafters, but all lovers of spending time outdoors, could legally plunge into the forest and enjoy contact with nature.

Of course, the program had some limitations, mainly due to security regulations. No open fire was allowed under any circumstances. It was forbidden to destroy trees, bushes or forest litter in order to create a camp. After the bivouac was finished, it was necessary to restore the place to its pre-arrival state and apply the international principles of the Leave No Trace philosophy at all times.

Successful pilot? Yet how! From 2021, staying overnight in the forest is permanently legal

During the pilot program, opinions of both foresters and participants of forest expeditions were collected, surveys and interviews were conducted. After its completion, it was verified whether the opening of larger forest areas for campers would actually take place without harm to nature. The conclusions were surprising – 70% of foresters voted to keep the program. We didn’t wait long for the results.

Already at the beginning of 2021, the State Forests announced that the assumptions of the pilot program will be introduced permanently as the “Night in the forest” program. Moreover, the existing 46 areas will be joined by new ones, and ultimately each forest district would have an area at the disposal of people interested in spending the night in the wild, with an area of approx. 1500 ha.

Legal accommodation in the forest – where, from when, what rules?

You will be able to spend the night in the forest legally from May 1, 2021. This information is especially pleasing now, during the pandemic, when more and more people are looking for alternative ways to spend their holidays. However, everyone should remember to follow the regulations, which say, among other things, that:

  • you can only stay in designated places,
  • in one place you can camp for no longer than 2 nights, and with a team of no more than 9 people,
  • if you stay overnight for more than two days, or there are more than 9 people, you are required to report your stay to the appropriate forest inspectorate, min. 2 working days before arrival. Remember to wait for the return e-mail,

Before you go to the forest, check if the area you are interested in is not forbidden at the moment, e.g. due to a fire hazard. The entry ban may also apply permanently in places of forest cultivation or animal sanctuaries,

  • do not enter the forest with any motor vehicle, moped or car,
  • do not light fires outside the designated places,
  • do not use wood from the forest for a bonfire or for building a campsite. If you took a knife with you in the hope of cutting a few stalks, better use it to make a tasty forest meal. And if you don’t have a knife, get one of our models, e.g. the foldable Penguin by QSP Knife,
  • avoid contact with forest animals, do not feed them, do not camp on their routes,
  • take all your rubbish with you, do not leave food residues, cover all traces of physiological needs,
  • keep silent and for your safety mark the campsite with bright colors. Leave the light on at night with the rugged RovyVon titanium flashlight with a removable battery and a maximum runtime of 72 hours.

Full regulations can be found on the State Forests website.

“Stay overnight in the forest” – exceptions to the regulations

From the point of view of survival and bushcraft enthusiasts, the most important exception is the one concerning gas cookers. Although open fire is forbidden in forests, this type of equipment can be used in areas that have already been piloted. However, you must ensure your safety and the safety of the forest by meeting the following conditions:

  1. On the day you plan to use the stove, double check the fire hazard: 10:00 and 14:00. You will do it using the map (select BDL maps, then the fire hazard map). In case of a degree 3 hazard (red), the use of the gas stove is absolutely forbidden.
  2. The fire must be under constant supervision.
  3. It is not allowed to use the stove on “peaty soils, in young stands and stands where the height of tree crowns is less than 5 m from the ground, and on forest surfaces covered with tall grass and heather.”

Sleep in the wild, Leave No Trace

In order to spend the night in the forest, you should also learn the philosophy of the Leave No Trace movement, ie “leave no traces”. These are the 7 basic principles of good tourism practice:

  1. Plan and prepare accordingly.
  2. Travel and camp on rugged surfaces.
  3. Dispose of your waste properly.
  4. Leave what you find.
  5. Minimize the impact of fires.
  6. Respect wild life.
  7. Remember the others.

Following the above rules, will be made easier not only by your own sense, but also by properly prepared equipment. When getting ready for a trip to the forest, always remember to pack all the necessary things. Our tips on what to take with you for survival can be found in this article. Personally, we recommend a good knife that will not let you down at any time, for example this trinket from MK Knifes & Tools.

Are you sleeping in the wild? Take care of nature!

Only appropriate behavior in the forest and in other wild areas will guarantee that the Polish Forest program will not be cancelled, and the areas available for camping enthusiasts will be regularly enlarged. Leaving rubbish behind, destroying trees, shrubs and forest bedding or making noise and scaring animals is a simple way to return to old, restrictive regulations.

It seems, however, that the social awareness of caring for nature is growing year by year, also due to ecological environments. Therefore, our task is to ensure that man and the forest can live in harmony. As close to each other as possible.

The right to carry a knives – what will change?

We’ve all waited for information about the new knives carrying laws. And it happened – the Sejm announced amendments to the act of May 21, 1999 on weapons and ammunition, which will enter into force on May 1, 2021. Unfortunately, this means the end of carrying knives without permission. In addition, everything indicates that most knife owners have to prepare for another expense.

The right to carry a knife – current regulations

Until now, each knife was considered a utility item and was not bound by the provisions of the Weapons and Ammunition Act. As long as the blade was not hidden in items such as a walking stick or an umbrella, the knife could be carried on a daily basis without permission. However, the Code of Petty Offenses specified situations in which carrying a knife was prohibited, namely:

  • in public space with the intention of committing a crime,
  • while participating in a meeting or mass event,
  • during the trip of an organized group of participants of a mass sports event.

However, the possession of the knife was not subject to any records or additional fees. You could buy knives regardless of their purpose and use them not only for survival or bushcraft, but also in everyday life. Unfortunately, that has already changed.

Changes to the right to carry a knife

Now, if you wish to become the owner of a non-kitchen knife, you will have to go through a two-step verification process. The verifying authority will in each case be the Knife Committee established at each County Police Headquarters.

What will the verification look like?

Stage 1 – formal. You should report to the poviat police station appropriate for your place of residence and submit the application together with the relevant documents. Those are:

  • Certificate of no criminal record
  • Employment certificate
  • Certificate of no medical contraindications for knife possession

Your application may be accepted or rejected – e.g. due to errors or missing documentation. You can then complete or correct the data and submit the papers again – but not more than 3 times a year. After verification of the documents, you will be directed to the second stage.

  • Stage 2 – psychological tests. These will determine whether you are a knife holder or a suit for the wrongdoing with a blade. They are carried out by a psychologist at the Knife Board at the poviat police station appropriate to your place of residence. You will receive notification of the test date by mail.

    If you pass both steps of the verification, you will be entered in the register of knife owners and will be given permission to own a knife. However, if there is any uncertainty, the Knife Committee may ask you for a new review at any time. Then you will have to go through the whole process again.

The law and the knife – where do these changes come from?

According to the Ministry of National Defense, the law on the use of knives has become stricter due to the increasing number of attacks by the so-called “stabbers” throughout the country. In just 2020, over 500,000 dangerous events involving a knife were registered!

“Too easy access to” military “knives makes some people want to do things that they have only seen in action movies or computer games,” says Jan Kowalski from the Department of Armaments Affairs.

Interestingly, according to research, kitchen knives provoke this type of behavior much less frequently. “This is because kitchen knives are not militarily associated. In the eyes of the average person, a kitchen knife is just ordinary home equipment. It does not evoke bloody associations and does not provoke violence, ”explains the psychologist on duty at the headquarters of the police in Sromowce Niżne. “Unless someone watched Hitchcock’s Psycho,” he adds.

As a preventive measure, the film has already been entered on the list of works prohibited by the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sports.

Do knife users agree with this change?

To get to know the opinion of our followers on Facebook, we conducted a survey that clearly showed what knife owners think about the new provisions. Over 90% indicated that the new regulations are, in their opinion, pointless and unnecessary. There were, however, voices praising the changes to the act.

“And very well! It finally will be safer. You go everywhere  with these knives, wait till I get stuck on one, ”comments Nosacz_58.

However, these are exceptions that prove the rule that knife users do not want new regulations.

What about the knife carrying tax?

The law is not retroactive, therefore existing knife owners will not have to undergo verification. However, for this reason, the government levies an 18% tax on carrying a knife on them. The given amount is calculated from the value of your knife according to the price list, which will soon be on the website of the Ministry of National Defense and every district headquarters in Poland. If you bought a knife cheaper or second-hand, you will be at a loss.

According to the new regulations, each owner of a knife other than a kitchen knife should, within one month of the entry of the act into force, report to the poviat police headquarters appropriate for a given place of residence and enter the register of knife owners. Then he has to pay the appropriate amount to the Knife Committee. Payments must be repeated every year. Note – anyone who conceals the possession and use of a knife other than a kitchen knife is subject to a fine of PLN 5,000!


“We take it very seriously,” warns Jan Kowalski. – The safety of our citizens is the most important for us. “

For this reason, the Knife Committee will have full access to customer data of every Polish knife shop. This is to make it easier to reach those who will attempt evading tax. The first inspections are expected to start in June 2021.

Knife law has never been so strict

While the law on owning and carrying a knife has changed over the years, it has never imposed such severe restrictions on citizens so far. We can only guess that the new regulations will discourage people from buying knives, and the current owners will prefer to get rid of their copies and switch to kitchen knives.

The government is also announcing a new blade law that will apply not only to all kinds of knives, but also to scissors, forks, crochet hooks, ice skewers, needles and spits. The bill is to be submitted at the beginning of 2022, but we hope that the Sejm will give up further restrictions by then.

We believe, however, that die-hard knife lovers will do everything to continue to enjoy having their favorite blade despite the limitations. Therefore, in order to meet the expectations of our customers, from May 2021 we are introducing the following services to our offer:

  • advising on applications for permission to have a knife,
  • assistance in obtaining appropriate documents,
  • mock psychological tests and mental support in case of bad results.

We are with you and for you. Especially today, April 1, 2021, if you know, what we mean … 😉

Attention! The Christmas apocalypse is coming!

This is no joke, we swear. If you do not believe us, better read this article. We have our reasons suppose that the apocalypse is already close, very close. You might even say that you almost have it in your pocket. Basically, lucky for you, because few can carry the apocalypse in their
pants. Intrigued?

Apocalypse among knives

For a collector every knife is unique. But there is one kind of blade that is more exceptional than any other. Have you ever heard of knives with an Apocalyptic finish? Perhaps not. And no wonder – there are hardly any such knives on the market. However, when they do appear, the soul is directly ripped off to buy. Why? Because “apocalyptic” knives are absolutely unique.

Knife with Apocalyptic blade

TRC Knives specializes in this type of blades, although unfortunately, it makes them available in very limited series. Therefore, if you don’t manage to buy your copy, you  will never get it again. TRC Knives usually releases a limited number of knives in a given year and only then these knives are available. So be vigilant and follow our offer regularly. It’s worth it, because at TRC Knives they do a really great job. Thanks to their hard work, extraordinary precision and enormous experience you can get a product that is truly remarkable on the worldwide scale.

Special knife for special occasions

Why do we like knives with Apocalyptic finish so much? We are already explaining to you. Well, each of them is unique. This is due to their unrepeatable design on the blade. There will always be different variations. During the heat treatment process, the steel takes on different colors and shapes, at the end becoming one of a kind. Add to this the fact that they are produced in limited series and you already know why we, enthusiasts and collectors, literally drool at the sight of these knives.

They are simply beautiful. Sometimes the blade looks as if it is poured with petrol shimmering in the sun. Another time, as if they were made of a piece of multicolored quartz. Some models resemble space nebulae with their purple and navy blue color. And we can guarantee you that the pictures do not reflect their beauty even in half.

The futuristic look of the Apocalyptic blade brings to mind the raw, post-apocalyptic world in which we may one day live. Especially looking at what is happening now… And then you’ll need this knife all the more. Or any other knife.

Hurry while they’re still there!
As we have already mentioned, the TRC Knives in the Apocalyptic finish are released in a very quantitatively limited series. It is obvious that it is not easy to buy such a piece. Therefore, you are lucky to find it in our store. This year you can get yourself a unique gift. Hurry up, because they will be gone later. This is a real treat for all collectors or simply lovers of original design. However, these extraordinary knives are not only works of art to be hung over the fireplace. They are perfectly made, practical and very functional knives for everyday use.

Which model with Apocalyptic finish to choose?

TRC Knives very aptly, though quite perversely, named this year’s series of their apocalyptic knives. Here is the collection “Biohazard 2020”. – Each model is marked with a special sign. We do not have doubts that this is an excellent summary of an exceptionally turbulent year. All the more worthwhile, get yourself one of these special knives. If only to show that not everything in 2020… hm, sucks.

Our proposals at the end of the year are models:

  • Apocalypse Apocalyptic Biohazard 2020
  • South Pole Apocalyptic Biohazard 2020
  • K1-s Apocalyptic Biohazard 2020

Apocalypse Apocalyptic Biohazard 2020

Even its name makes you already imagine yourself breaking through the successive locations of a barren, devastated world after a nuclear holocaust. Or as the hero of Cyberpunk 2077 fighting for survival in a dystopian, futuristic city. No matter what pictures your imagination suggests, come down to earth for a moment and see what else you will love about the Apocalypse model in its limited version.

This solid, unique knife was not only made from one carefully selected piece of steel, but in addition, the steel used for its production is the highest quality premium material – Elmex. This guarantees that the knife will stay sharp for a long time, and also provides an extraordinary strength and very good anti-corrosion properties.

Once we are near the blade, we will immediately tell you that it was made in drop point style and It is perfect for the most demanding, survival adventures. It is a powerful tool designed directly for the toughest tasks. In addition, the knife is finished with a flat cut. The notch on the head will help when you have to press your thumb harder and the profiled dace will help to protect your fingers from being injured. Pay attention to the great handle. Although unlike the blade, it does not shimmer in color, it is made out of black, two-day-old micart. Not only does it fit perfectly with the head, but also its ergonomic shape makes it a pure pleasure to use.

This is probably enough to recognize that the Apocalypse Apocalyptic Biohazard 2020 knife is a real gem. So hurry up, because you can only buy it this year. And if you miss it, well, hunt for next opportunities or see the basic version of Apocalypse. It doesn’t do that much visual impression, but it is just as good for survival in the world of postapo.

TRC Knives South Pole Apocalyptic Biohazard 2020

Another diamond in the apocalyptic mine. A limited edition of the classic South Pole, which will come in handy when you set out on your path of a perfectly equipped but still stylish hero from the world of the future. South Pole Apocalyptic Biohazard 2020 is distinguished by its finish, different in each copy. The matching natural micart handle completes this unusual design and makes it really hard to take your eyes off. But what about its functionality? You do not have to worry. The performance of the apocalyptic South Pole is on the highest level, as any knife from TRC Knives. Elmax premium steel is a guarantee of durability and strength. A drop point blade with a 4mm thick back is suitable for even the most demanding outdoor activities.

In the set with a knife (as with each of this series) you get a perfectly made holster made of Kydex polymer, which is resistant to mechanical damage, changing weather conditions and even to some chemicals. It is comfortable, safe to use and elegant.

You may not be able to buy a South Pole knife with the Apocalyptic finish. You can then reach for his twin brother with no apocalyptic drive and see how perfectly this classic model can cope in the most difficult conditions. In the meantime, wait for the next limited edition from TRC Knives.

TRC Knives K1-s Apocalyptic Biohazard 2020

The last of our proposals is a small, lightweight and ideal to wear every day model K1-s Apocalyptic Biohazard 2020. It has a very wide range of applications: from exhausting survival or bushcraft expeditions, through mountain tours, camping and family barbecues, up to absolutely daily activities. K1-s will not let you down in the wilderness or behind a desk.

The blade is made of Elmax premium quality steel. Similarly to the above mentioned models, this time we are dealing with a drop point style head, distinguished by a flat cut and comfortable notching on the back. K1-s Apocalyptic Biohazard 2020 also has a dace on the handle, which is made of black micarta – resistant to moisture, temperature changes and most mechanical damages.

K1-Apocalyptic Biohazard 2020 is distinguished, apart from its small size, by a hole at the end of the handle, which allows you to protect yourself from dropping the knife while working. Don’t worry, you don’t have to look for the string in your garage, because this model originally comes with a short piece of paracord with a brass pin in the middle.

K1 is one of the favorite models of TRC Knives knifemaker, Andrius Tricius, about which you can read HERE. K1 has also found its way into the hearts of knife lovers, who demand that it should still be available in the sales. Therefore, from time to time, new versions of the K1-s Apocalyptic are released, just like the current K1-s Apocalyptic Biohazard 2020. We do not doubt, however, that it will quickly disappear from the market, because it is a hot item for all collectors.

End this year with the Biohazard 2020 series

The year 2020 has not been kind to us. However, you can break the bad luck and make yourself happy, buying a limited collector’s knife with an Apocalyptic finish. You are guaranteed that your copy will be the only one in the world, because the patterns and design on the blade are never the same. Except for a unique element of your collection, you will also gain a high quality, durable and functional knife for everyday use. You can choose whether you prefer the smaller K1-s or the sturdy Apocalypse cattle. Or maybe something in the middle – the apocalyptic South Pole?

Whichever you choose, we are sure you will be satisfied. Just remember that the knives from this series are only available this year! They will be gone later, so hurry up…

A flashlight. Ordinary gadget, style complement or useful equipment?

How to choose a flashlight? A simple but tricky question. After all, a flashlight is a typical home accessory. Most often it is hidden in a drawer, tucked in a toolbox or hung on a hook by the door. Such home flashlights are neither attractive nor useful. They are only suitable when you go to the basement to get the jar, or when  a fuse is blown out. These are ordinary flashlights. However, we will tell you how to choose an unusual flashlight.

A flashlight for those who …

… are wondering why to buy a flashlight! We announce to all and sundry: we are putting aside the large, plastic flashlights that our fathers used to use to fight the dark in the garage. It’s time for modern flashlights. Powerful, useful and durable. With a unique design. If you want, you can even match the flashlight to the color of the tie. And so that you do not get lost in the maze of so many great models, we are here to help. You do not have to thank us.

… always want to have light with them

The flashlight in your phone is not enough for you. It annoys you that the light is not strong enough  and the battery runs out unbearably fast. You know that you cannot rely on your cell phone and therefore want to have a different, much more reliable source of light with you. You value practical and functional devices that you can trust.

The RovyVon® Aurora A1x Army Green LED flashlight has been created just for you. This small gem in a tasteful military green color is a universal light source useful in any situation. The small size makes it fit anywhere. You don’t have to worry about a piece of plastic stay in your hand when you squeeze harder, because your Aurora is made of durable polyamide. Its power is 650 lumens, and you can charge it via the microUSB connector.

And if you are planning a trip to a mine that is out of order, you will surely appreciate how easy it is to clip the Aurora to your cap with the clip and enjoy the headlight. What else could you want?

[image_with_animation image_url=”4443″ alignment=”center” animation=”Fade In” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%” img_link=””]
[image_with_animation image_url=”4438″ alignment=”center” animation=”Fade In” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%” img_link=””]

…  dream of really high power

If you are scared of dark corners and you look at the light of your phone’s flashlight with embarrassment or contempt, you need really powerful equipment. How to choose such a flashlight? One of the RovyVon Angel Eyes models will surely give you satisfaction.

Angel Eyes e200s is a modern device with an original shape, which stands out among standard models with a cylindrical structure. Don’t let appearances deceive you – this design was not just made to look cool. A high-capacity battery is cleverly located in the casing. Add to that powerful LEDs and you have a recipe for a great flashlight that lasts extremely long – up to 140 hours! And that’s not its biggest advantage.

Angel Eyes e200s shines with a maximum power of 1650 lumens! You can use main and side lighting – a total of 11 different lighting programs, depending on your needs. You can charge the flashlight quickly and conveniently with a microUSB connector.

Not enough, you say? You want more? Choose the sister model Angel Eyes e700s, the maximum light output of which is 2800 lumens! With such light, you won’t be afraid of the worst darkness – even the one in which monsters lurk under your bed. The Angel Eyes e700s flashlight is made of durable aluminum, and the quite large, but still handy casing has a 5000 mAh battery. You can charge it with a microUSB connector, and then it can be used for up to 7 days without interruption. Do you have any more questions?

… look at the material or the color

You can look for a flashlight that you will always have with you, you can dream of the greatest possible power, but … let those who have never been guided by appearance throw a stone first. We know very well that many of you like to assemble EDC accessories according to one type of material or finish. With tastes like the butt, everyone has their own, so take a look at our proposals and choose something that suits you.

[image_with_animation image_url=”3060″ alignment=”center” animation=”Fade In” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%” img_link=””]
[image_with_animation image_url=”2916″ alignment=”center” animation=”Fade In” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%”]

Titanium flashlight

If you have a folding knife with titanium handle covers, a titanium decorative bead on the knife, a titanium pen or even a carabiner (we wrote about it in the previous article, be sure to read it), you’ll love the titanium flashlight. It is extremely durable, as is the custom of titanium. Here are our 3 types:

LED RovyVon Aurora a24 – light and handy flashlight, easy to use. It looks phenomenal – of course thanks to the titanium. It offers 4 constant light modes and 2 flash modes: strobe and SOS, and the maximum lumens power is 1000.

The RovyVon Aurora a4x Natural Ti LED is the size of a pendant, so it will stay with you when attached to a key or backpack. You can also attach it to the cap and then you will gain frontal lighting. The power of this flashlight is max. 650 lumens.

RovyVon Aurora a4x PVD Black Ti – another twin in the series. Perfect if you like titanium but are bothered by the silver shine. This model, as the name suggests, is all black.

Copper torch

The metallic red color is something that catches the eye like a magnet. Copper gadgets have so many die-hard fans for a reason. Although they are much less available than ones from steel or titanium, it is worth putting some effort in looking for such equipment. Fortunately, with us, you don’t have to make any special efforts, because we are giving copper flashlights on a tray:

Aurora a29 Cu / Brass is a full-size 700 lumen flashlight, perfect for everyday use. It has several operating modes and an efficient battery charged via a microUSB connector.

Aurora a9 Cu Copper – copper flashlight-pendant in mini version. It may be small, but it makes a huge impression! It shines with a power of max. 650 lumens and it’s just beautiful.

[image_with_animation image_url=”3590″ alignment=”center” animation=”Fade In” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%”]
[image_with_animation image_url=”4439″ alignment=”center” animation=”Fade In” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%”]

Aluminum flashlight

An aluminum flashlight is a great proposition for fans of colorful gadgets. Through the anodization process, aluminum can obtain many interesting colors. This is not always possible with other materials. Our proposal for an aluminum flashlight is the striking, red Aurora a3x Red – the size of a key ring, with power of 650 lumens and extremely stylish.

Silver gloss flashlight

Fans of silver gloss gadgets will surely like another torch designed in the form of a RovyVon Aurora a2x Silver pendant. It is made of stainless steel, which gives it a noble look. It will be a perfect match for many other accessories: knives, key rings, pocket knives. However, if you do not like steel and dream of a metallic coating, go back to the point where we talked about titanium flashlights. They will surely meet your silver expectations.

[image_with_animation image_url=”3563″ alignment=”center” animation=”Fade In” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%”]
[image_with_animation image_url=”3578″ alignment=”center” animation=”Fade In” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%”]

Gold torch

Not solid gold, but will anyone see the difference? Aurora a2x Gold is a real treat for lovers of luxurious design. It has been known for a long time that gold is the color of wealth. So feel your pockets filling with hypothetical dollars as soon as you put your RovyVon Aurora a2x Gold flashlight in them. In addition, you can also just shine with it.

Camouflage flashlight

Militarist hobbyists, ASG and reconstruction enthusiasts have been waiting for this moment. If you are one of them, look carefully – we present a special military model. Aurora a23 Pro Desert / Military Tan is a must-have gadget for anyone who has put on uniform trousers at least once in their life. Whether you prefer desert panther, multicam desert or 6-color desert, this flashlight will always fit.  All the more, it was made of durable aircraft aluminum! And it also shines with the power of max. 1000 lumens, there is really nothing to question.

[image_with_animation image_url=”4040″ alignment=”center” animation=”Fade In” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%”]
[image_with_animation image_url=”4441″ alignment=”center” animation=”Fade In” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%”]

Black flashlight

All this blaze of colors and materials does not matter if you prefer classic black. Luckily, you don’t have to think about how to choose a flashlight since you don’t like any. Your Black Eldorado is just beginning! As a thank you for making it to the last paragraphs of this article, we offer you 3 tarry black flashlight models:

The well-known keychain version of the Aurora gains in beauty in the A1x Black version. It is made of durable polyamide and is simply delightfully black. It shines with a power of 650 lumens and, like other key rings, it can be attached to keys, a backpack or a cap as a headlight. Charges, of course, via the microUSB connector.

Do you want more black? Grab another keychain: Aurora a3x Gunmetal, made of aluminum, in a deep black color.

Do you prefer larger sizes? The RovyVon Aurora a23 full-size LED flashlight is eager to meet your expectations. Just like its predecessor, it was made of durable aluminum in a beautiful black version. It shines with a power of 1000 lumens, and the battery, charged via a microUSB connector, works for a maximum of 72 hours.

How to choose a flashlight?

The easiest way, that is according to your preferences. As you can see above, flashlights are literally of your choice and color. And these are not even all the models available! So choose what you like. Buy a standard, solid model or juggle the colors at will. However, make up your mind quickly, because soon the next part of the epic about flashlights will appear on our blog – especially to confuse your mind. And then you will have no choice but to buy more than one. Not that we have anything against… 😉

Gadżet - landia - wyspa pełna gadżetów

Gadget – land, the land of happiness for small and big boys

Why do we like EDC accessories? Well, I guess every guy likes gadgets. Even when he says he doesn’t like them at all, he does. Are you one of those denials? Deep down, you know we’re right. You have love for gadgets written in your genes, you sucked it out with your father’s blood, you carved it on the back of your skull. So let us show you around Gadget – land – a land where you will find everything you need to be happy. So, are we going on a journey?

EDC accessories are fun for everyone

Although a knife is an obvious and great gadget, in the outdoor world you can find many more items that will make you happy. Once you have bought your tenth blade for your collection, you may start looking for additional accessories. And then we’ll come in – not all white, but with a wide range of really cool products. They will make your life not only more pleasant but also easier.

It’s worth having a good knife

Whether knives are your long-standing passion or you are just starting out with a topic, there is always something for you in our offer. We perfectly understand your completely innocent love for knives, so we always want to recommend you what we consider a good product. So if you are looking for a knife for a start or a gift, take a closer look at our proposals. Then come back for more.

Folding knife QSP Knife Parrot


Something for beginners who would like to start but do not know what to choose. Don’t worry, we know – Parrot is a model you can start your knife adventure with. It is a folding knife, useful for everyday use. You can carry it in your pocket – thanks to the clip on the handle it will be completely safe there. Particularly noteworthy is the steel from which it was made – initially it was 440c steel, but now it is also available in D2 steel. And it is this option, in three color variants (black, olive, blue), that we propose for the beginning

[image_with_animation image_url=”4315″ alignment=”center” animation=”Fade In” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%”]
[image_with_animation image_url=”4316″ alignment=”center” animation=”Fade In” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%”]

Folding knife QSP Knife Penguin QS130-B


A real hit on the market. Why? It is due to precise craftsmanship, extraordinary design and comfort of use. Penguin blade is made of good quality D2 steel, so popular among knife users. Pay attention to the handle – the most popular version is the one with denim micarts, which, although it ages like a regular denim, is resistant to moisture and temperature changes. Its rough surface guarantees that the knife will not slip out of your hand during work. And if you are not a fan of denim accessories, you can also choose Penguin in olive and brown versions.

If not a knife, then what?

Daily items can be completely ordinary, but also completely unique. These are the EDC gadgets we want to offer you. If you’re thinking about a gift just before Christmas, you’ve come to a good place. The accessories we recommend are a great option for a gift for someone close to you or yourself. Finally, it is worth pampering yourself.

Carabiner is not so ordinary

You’ve probably seen a lot of guns in your life. You associate them mainly with climbing walls, but you know that they are also very useful in everyday life, for example as a key ring. However, didn’t you ever think that it could be something more interesting than just a metal connector? We will try to surprise you – we present you with some snap hooks, which you just have to have! What is their uniqueness? You will find out soon.

Carabiner  with knife and measuring tape

Yes, you have read it well. One of the gadgets we really want to show you is this unique snap hook with a knife and measure from RovyVon. It was made of durable titanium, which can withstand the greatest madness. A small knife with an interchangeable scalpel blade No. 11 and a 4cm measuring tape have been incorporated into its body. You can treat this item as an ordinary pendant, but you can also think of it as an original multitool.
A small blade will help in everyday matters such as opening a letter or a parcel. The measure will be useful when you urgently need to measure the length precisely and you do not have a ruler at hand. This unique snap hook can accompany you every day at your wallet, backpack or bag, attaching keys or other small items. And since it is made of super-strong material, you can be sure it will serve you long.
[image_with_animation image_url=”3760″ alignment=”center” animation=”Fade In” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%”]
[image_with_animation image_url=”3789″ alignment=”center” animation=”Fade In” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%”]

Carabiner with bottle opener

The knife is useful in many situations, but it is not like a decent bottle opener. If you already have one or more knives and you don’t need another blade, but would like to make sure you can have a cool, refreshing drink at any time – the RovyVon bottle opener snap hook will be just like it found.
Just like the previous one, this model is made of extremely durable titanium, so you can be sure that it will not be damaged for a long time. Use it as a pendant or a fastener and remember that you don’t have to carry a separate bottle opener with you anymore – this clever gadget is completely enough for you.

Miniflashlight – always have light with you

If we talk about gadgets, we couldn’t miss the flashlight. But not the standard one, which can be found in almost every house. It’s always hard to carry it with you, right? The flashlight on the phone can also be unreliable – either the light is too weak, or the battery is falling too fast. That is why we present you with fantastic, small and lightweight RovyVon mini flashlights, which, due to their small size, are perfect for wearing on a key ring, keychain or backpack.

Flashlight RovyVon Aurora A5x GITD White/UV


You can choose the translucent Aurora A5x GITD White/UV model with 650 lumens, with white and UV side light. It is made of durable, fluorescent polycarbonate, which means it literally shines in the dark. So there is no danger that when the darkness falls, you will look for it blindly – Aurora can be seen even on the darkest night.

[image_with_animation image_url=”3002″ alignment=”center” animation=”Fade In” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%”]
[image_with_animation image_url=”3588″ alignment=”center” animation=”Fade In” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%”]

Flashlight Aurora A9 Cu


If you are a fan of vivid colors and metallic gloss, choose the Aurora A9 Cu Copper. It’s a mini-machine made of copper, with a beautiful, rusty color, ideal as a decorative pendant and useful gadget in one. It has 650 lumens of power and charges via Micro USB, giving a maximum of 30 hours of operation time.

Where to hide it all?


Once you have stocked up on all the unusual and useful gadgets, you will probably find that your pocket is far too small to accommodate them all. So you can scatter your accessories all over the house, looking for them for half a day, and you can get a special, dedicated RovyVon EDC organizer where you can safely store all your equipment.

Organizer EDC RovyVon RX10


You will place any small items – minilaters, snap hooks, penknives, folding knives, key rings, and other valuable everyday items such as an expensive watch or a branded pen. Organizer is made of high quality polycarbonate, which is resistant to mechanical damage. So you do not have to be afraid that its contents will be destroyed, crushed during transport.

[image_with_animation image_url=”4317″ alignment=”center” animation=”Fade In” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%”]
Thanks to the EDC RovyVon organizer all your gadgets will always be in one place, and in case of trips, excursions or expeditions to the forest you will safely pack it into your backpack. There will be no problem with finding free space for it, because it has a perfect, compact size. And if you want to have more of these useful boxes of the new generation, you can stack them one on top of the other – you will see that they fit together perfectly.

EDC accessories – more useful than you thought

As you can see, useful everyday gadgets are not always obvious. However, if you try to replace an ordinary item (snap hook, flashlight, box) with a newer and more interesting model at least once, you will never want to return to these standard accessories again. Why buy something that serves only one purpose, when you can have a multifunctional and great looking tool. So don’t hesitate and give yourself or someone close to you such a fabulous gift. Christmas is coming, you will not find a better opportunity.
Bushcraft or survival? TRC Knives Mille Cuori knife

Bushcraft and survival – how do they differ?

Bushcraft and survival are terms that are often viewed as synonymous. But is it right? You’ve probably read our article on 3 simple tips for a beginner bushcrafter. So you know more or less that he is calling. Now we will show you, in which church. Are you curious? Read on.

What is the difference between bushcraft and survival?

While bushcraft and survival seem to mean the same at first glance, upon further exploration, we can assure you that there are some significant differences. Don’t worry if you didn’t know about it, or if you can’t tell exactly what the differences are. We guarantee that even experienced enthusiasts of survival sometimes have trouble explaining why survival and bushcraft are not interchangeable terms.

Survival, or the art of survival

Survival is an English word meaning “continuing to live or survive”. Can you take that literally? Of course. Survival is the art of survival in various, often extreme conditions. You can voluntarily choose to spend your time to experience an adventure or prove yourself. However, there may also be a situation in your life that suddenly, unexpectedly, you will find yourself in difficult conditions and you will have to survive, perhaps also help others. This is when all the survival skills you’ve learned before will come in handy.

There are 3 types of survival:

Military Survival: modeled on the rules prevailing in the military, it is based on the acquisition of skills that will help to complete a specific “mission”.

Urban survival: it is the art of survival in urbanized areas, during various types of disasters and other exceptional situations.

Survival green: it’s about surviving in nature.

How will you prepare for survival? The answer is simple: learning about both the old survival techniques and the modern ones. Survivalists do not close themselves to technological innovations, on the contrary – the more skills they acquire, the better.

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What can you take for survival?

In fact, everything as long as it is light and handy. Survivists use:

  • modern fabrics, e.g. thermal T-shirts or gore-tex jackets,
  • multifunctional flashlights,
  • multitools,
  • knives,
  • various tools,
  • special food rations,
  • first aid kits,
  • a canteen and a steel cup,
  • and many other useful items!

Any gadget that will make your survival easier is your friend. Whether it’s a water treatment or an ultra-light and super-warm sleeping bag, these things will help you survive.

Purpose of survival? Surviving

When going to survival, you just have to survive. Both in the wild and in the city, using traditional techniques, as well as modern ones, using what you have around you and the equipment prepared. You should know how to light a fire with two sticks and a birch bark, but also with e.g. car fluid. The key is to be able to use not only the gifts of nature, but also whatever other things you have available. You never know in what conditions your skills will come in handy, so it’s best to learn as much as possible.

But how is this related to bushcraft?

Bushcraft – harmony with nature

Bushcraft is a relatively new term that has not yet been embedded as strongly in the minds of Poles as survival. It consists of two parts: “bush” and “craft”.

The art of living in the wild, regardless of the conditions, temperature or season, using mainly the gifts of nature and the simplest tools – this is how you can briefly explain what bushcraft is. It is not only about surviving, but most of all it is about a specific feeling of being one with nature and the world around you. If you are fascinated by nature, you are excited to associate with wild animals and you want to feel like an American trapper – bushcraft is just for you.

How to prepare for bushcraft?

by choosing to pursue bushcraft you give up modern solutions. You learn some basic techniques, such as starting a fire with flint or two sticks. You don’t take matches with you, and replace the sleeping bag with a blanket. You boil water in a piece of wood bark, and instead of modern fabrics, you choose clothes made of cotton or wool impregnated with beeswax. Any skill that allows you to use the gifts of nature increases your chances of survival.

You don’t take any electronic gadgets with you. You only use the simplest tools and items, such as:

  • classic knife,
  • ordinary backpack,
  • handball,
  • Axe,
  • map,
  • compass.

If you go out into the wild in winter, you also take trapper snowshoes or wooden skis with you. Instead of a jacket, you wear leather or wool outerwear, and to protect your face from frost, you smear it with animal fat.

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Ordinary fun or a spiritual experience?

Bushcraft is about more than entertainment. The Bushcraftman doesn’t just want to survive and get out of the wild, his goal is to stay in it and get used to it, using almost only what nature has given. Such closeness to nature is an unforgettable experience. Provided you survive 😊

Bushcraft vs survival – how do they differ?

The first difference is that survival uses both traditional survival techniques and modern ones, while bushcraft involves cutting yourself off from civilization and its achievements, and using the simplest solutions.

It is clear that the survivalist will make use of many bushcraft techniques. However, he will choose those that require less work, because his goal is to quickly get out of a given situation. The bushcraftman can afford to use time-consuming methods because he is in no rush.

The goal of the trip is the main and most important difference between bushcraft and survival.

The goal of survival is to survive in difficult conditions. Bushcraft, on the other hand, is not so much about survival as it is about… enduring. Spending time, prevailing, being in the wild. On taking pleasure in the closeness of nature, on blending in with the surroundings, on a peculiar journey in time.

Similarities between survival and bushcraft

Of course, survival and bushcraft are areas that are very similar, and in some places even interwind. Survivalist should be familiar with primal survival techniques. He will not always have modern tools with him, and he will not always find the materials he needs around him. The knowledge of classical methods increases safety and the chances of success of the action.

It is said that:

bushcraft is always survival, although not every survival is bushcraft.

However, we do not fully agree with these words. As we wrote, bushcraft is something more than survival, so it’s hard to consider any such expedition as survival. Yes, technically this thesis seems to be accurate, but bushcraft is also a kind of spiritual experience. And in this case it will not be strictly survival – because it is not about surviving and getting out, but about learning to live in the wild and enjoy it.

Bushcraft or survival – what to choose?

Whether you are closer to the classic art of survival or living in the wild, know one thing – both options will give you an amazing experience. Such an adventure can completely change your life, or it can remain a great memory for years.

Being able to survive in harsh conditions, use what you find around you and manage without modern gadgets is something that can be useful in many moments of your life. You should learn basic skills, such as striking fire without matches, finding food in the forest or navigating with the stars. You never know when you will use them – on a Masurian cruise, a trip to the mountains or a forest camping with friends.

So feel the call of nature and set off on your adventure with survival or bushcraft. And to get started somewhere, get a good knife – for example, following our tips in this article.

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Neck knife. An ornament or a useful tool?

The neck knife is a wonderful invention for all the forgetful. On the scale of unforgettability, it is somewhere between glasses on a chain, gloves on a string, and car keys, which you can find using an app on your phone. However, this is not the only advantage of the neck knife, and not even the greatest. Do you want to find out what the others are? Read on.

Neck knife – a bit of history

Neck knives were worn long before they got the trendy name neck (just like the neck existed before it was called… do you get the joke?).

Perhaps you don’t believe it. You may not remember this. However, then you probably did not follow our fan page on FB too closely. If it were otherwise, you would immediately remember what we wrote about some time ago. In the most famous adaptation of Janosik from the 1970s you will see one of the heroes, Kwicoł, with a small knife around his neck. It is true that he used it mainly for the consumption of various delicacies, and the shape definitely differed from modern standards, but is it important?

Even though Janosik was created only 50 years ago, the series portrayed times much more distant. And okay, you can say it’s fiction, or that the costume designer might have been wrong. Perhaps you are right. But you know what? We have a feeling that it was exactly like on the TV screen.

After all, much, much earlier people often wore knives around their necks. It was for a simple reason – the blade itself was valuable enough. Adding a handle made of durable materials or a scabbard was too costly. That is why many people wrapped it with string, be its substitute, and hung it around their necks.

Neck knife today

How does it look like today? A lot of knife maniacs choose the neck knife, but still such a gadget can arouse surprise on an average person.  The neck knife has ceased to have a purely utility function – now it is also an original ornament. That is why, this category of knives has to meet extremely high requirements in terms of both quality and design.

Neck knives occupy their niche in the knife market and you can find real gems there. The models differ in both the materials from which they were made, the shape of the blade, the type of handle, the sheath, and the price. Their size is rather conventional – they should be small enough to be handy to carry and large enough to be used comfortably.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a neck knife?

There are so many advantages that a day would not be enough to list them all, so we will focus on the most important ones:You can wear it even when you are not wearing clothes. For example, you lose a bet and have to spend the night naked in the woods. You can also wear it when you are extremely scantily clad. For example, in only panties you run away through the window from the enraged husband of your current (or now out of date) girlfriend. Of course, you can also wear it when you are fully dressed. Especially when an ordinary knife would be harder for you to remove, e.g. in an anti-Covid suit. You don’t have to grab it in your teeth when you want to make a knot after cutting e.g. a string and you need both hands. We have already mentioned it, but it is worth emphasizing – it is light. It won’t tire your arm (or neck), at least not so fast. Is beautiful. If you give someone a choice between a gold neck chain worthy of Jose Arcadio Morales or a neck knif, they will definitely choose the latter. It’s original. If you want to feel special, you can dye your hair blue, but a neck knife will be a much better way to stand out from the crowd. It has a fixed blade which makes it safer and easier to maintain than folding knives. Its functionality is as good as larger knives, and sometimes it is even better – for example, for precise works, such as planing or cutting. It happens that the handle is wrapped in paracord. Look what an amazing deal – you have both a knife and a paracord in the same amount! ; )

Do you need even more reasons to decide to buy a neck knife?

Of course, the neck knife has disadvantages. However, it has so few that one sentence is enough to describe them: it is too small to cut bamboo forests (in this case, choose a machete), you will not use it to obtain wood, and a piece cut from a loaf of bread will be slightly uneven. And sometimes you may dream that the blade suddenly falls out of its sheath due to  gravity … don’t worry, it’s just an ugly nightmare that has nothing to do with the truth.

Neck knife – what will it be useful for?

Basically the same as other knives. A neck knife is a good choice for lonely, long trips to the forest, but it will also work in everyday life. You can take it for a camp: be it a scouting, survival or language one. For a barbecue with grandparents, a fire with friends and a trip with the kids to Morskie Oko. Basically, there is no occasion that it doesn’t fit.

What can you do with a neck knife? A neck knife is convenient for slicing: you can easily cut an apple or bacon. You can use it to sharpen sticks for a fire or arrows for a self-made bow. You will cut twine, line, line or various materials. You will carve a heart in the tree with the initials of your loved one. You open a can or can with a broken pin. You’ll pick a splinter out of your thumb (or cut it off). You can even put it around your neck and parade along the promenade in Sopot, looking for girls to impress.

Neck knife recommended

The choice of knives on the market is really big. Manufacturers offer newer and newer models, tempting with unusual designs, good prices or exceptional quality. No wonder that it’s hard to find your dream model in the flood of this information. We have some proven proposals for you. Perhaps your heart will beat faster with one of these knives.

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QSP Knife Neckmuck QS125-A

This is a functional neck knife from a lower price range. A good choice at the beginning if you do not want to invest a large amount in a neck knife, but you want to check if you like this form of carrying a knife.

The origin of the name of this model is interesting. “Neckmuck” is a nice word game that combines the words neck and nessmuck – the name of the blade shape inspired by the knives used by Georg “Nessmuck” Sears. Neckmuck, both with its name and shape, refers to the old outdoor traditions and will be perfect for field trips.

We also wrote about this gem in one of our articles: The best outdoor knives you can afford.

ANV Knives P100

The complete opposite of Neckmuck is the P100 from ANV Knives. It’s hard to imagine a more minimalist EDC knife blade. It is slim and elegant, extremely light and handy. The handle is left without a casing, but you can wrap it with paracord (;)) and wear it around your neck. However, if it happens that this way of carrying the knife does not suit you, you can easily attach it to your belt.

When you buy P100, you choose high-quality steel and a minimalist finish. Also its Kydex® holster is thin, light and elegant. The whole thing will go great with your outfit, but don’t worry – it also goes well with wandering in the woods, even without a suit.

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[image_with_animation image_url=”4166″ alignment=”” animation=”Fade In” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%”]

TRC Knives Speed Demon

A neck knife to fight demons? We know nothing about such a feature, although we would not be surprised. Meanwhile, however, we present you the Speed Demon neck knife from TRC Knives. This is a model from a series inspired by characters from previous eras, “Tales of Man”, about which we wrote more on our blog in the article A guy and his knife: a deep relationship. Speed Demon is inspired by the American rally driver from the beginning of the 20th century – Frank Lockhart.

Like its predecessor, the Speed Demon is effective and versatile. One would like to say: fast, but it depends only on your dexterity. The Speed Demon neck knife is durable thanks to the use of premium Elmax steel. It is medium in size, has a skeleton structure and an extremely modern look. This is an everyday knife that will be useful not only for lovers of fast driving …

MK Knives & Tools MK-07

For the end, we left a real gem, the MK-07 model made by the excellent Polish knifemaker, Marcin Kampka, with whom you can read the interview on our blog. MK-07 is the perfect blade for the followers of minimalism. Its small size becomes a great advantage when you want maximum discretion and at the same time you want a knife that meets the highest quality standards.

MK-07 is a neck knife with a wharncliffe blade, made of premium Elmax steel. Like all knives from MK Knives & Tools, it impresses with its careful workmanship and modern design. You can wear it around your neck or attach it to your belt – vertically or horizontally. An innovative CNC concave cut and a minimalist Kydex® holster complete this unique neck knife.

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Why choose a neck knife?

A neck knife is a good choice basically always. Do you need a light and handy knife? Choose a neck knife. Do you want a blade that is effective, functional and for a variety of tasks? Get a neck knife. Are you dreaming of an original necklace? Opt for a neck knife. Every reason is good to buy a neck knife, so stop hesitating and order your dream blade.

Szwajcarski scyzoryk SWIZA D07

What to use a pocket knife for? Check which feature will surprise you!

Although our hearts have long been stolen by knives, there is a device that quickens the pulse. Of course I’m talking about a decent Swiss army knife. We are convinced that without a pocket knife, life would be much more difficult. That is why we know that everyone, literally everyone, should have this multifunctional, practical tool. Do you think it will be of no use to you? Well, if we were you, we wouldn’t be so sure.

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What features in a pocket knife?


Pocket knives are multifunctional tools that will be useful not only in basic tasks, but also in more problematic times. No one will be surprised by a screwdriver in a pocket knife, a corkscrew is almost the basic feature. A bottle opener or small scissors are also rather considered a standard. However, we want to present you several models of Swiza pocket knives with really interesting functions. See which one you like best.

Pocket knife with scissors

You’re right, we mentioned that the scissors in a pocket knife are one of the most basic functions. But what the Swiza D07 model offers will surely surprise you. The scissors you can use have an unprecedented full-size dimensions. Thanks to them, you will do all the work for which you would have to use ordinary scissors from a stationery store. They are comfortable, practical and ready for sharp cuts.

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[image_with_animation image_url=”3681″ alignment=”” animation=”Fade In” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%”]

A pocket knife with a unique look

Our next offer is a pocket knife for special tasks. The Swiza D03 ALL BLACK model will delight you with its unusual design. However, if you thought appearance is all it has to offer, you are wrong! There is a reason why D03 has a black, matte finish – this is the effect of covering all metal elements with a titanium nitride coating. As a result, the pocket knife is more durable than other models and will withstand more intensive use.

Good pocket knife for ticks

A good pocket knife is a pocket knife that will work in all circumstances. That is why we present you the unique Swiza TT03 model, which will help you… get rid of ticks. Yes, you read that right. The TT03 pocket knife is equipped with a unique, patented tool for removing ticks. Thanks to it, you can feel safe regardless of whether you are going for a walk with your dog in dense shrubbery or you are going on a long trip to the forest. The TT03 doesn’t scare ticks away, but if you get bitten, you can easily remove them using the tick remover.

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[image_with_animation image_url=”3641″ alignment=”” animation=”Fade In” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%”]

A pocket knife open to new possibilities

The last one in our list is the Swiza SH03 R-TT pocket knife, which combines two extremely useful functions. We wrote about the first one above – it is a patented tool for removing ticks. However, with the SH03 R-TT, there is something else you can do that you can’t do with many other pocket knives: open it with one hand. This is a great option for those who like to act quickly and agilely.

What functions does a pocket knife have?

Each of the models presented, apart from the unique features described, also has the standard ones. These include the classic blade, corkscrew, bottle opener, as well as flat screwdrivers and a wire bender. You’ll also find tweezers and a reamer. All this to make your everyday life easier.

A pocket knife is a good choice not only for trips. It will also be useful on your way to work, on holidays abroad, or just at home. Thanks to simple tools, you can quickly make basic repairs, but you can also cope with many unexpected situations. Several options in one are always a good choice. Therefore, if you are considering purchasing a pocket knife, don’t hesitate, just buy it. Best place to get them is on our site 😉



We recommend the most popular models of Swiss pocket knives in our store

Swiss knife SWIZA, ALLBLACK line, model D03.

Tools and Functions:

1) 75 mm blade with safety lock.
2/3/4) Punch, reamer awl with sewing eye.
5/6/7) Bottle opener with flat head screwdriver No 3 and wire bender.
8/9) Can opener with flat screwdriver No 1.
10) Sommelier corkscrew.
11) Tweezers.

[image_with_animation image_url=”462″ alignment=”” animation=”Fade In” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%” img_link=””]
[image_with_animation image_url=”492″ alignment=”” animation=”Fade In” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%” img_link=””]

Swiss Knife SWIZA TT03 Tick Tool Red

Tools and Functions:

1) 75 mm blade with safety lock.
2/3/4) Punch, reamer awl with sewing eye.
5/6/7) Bottle opener with flat head screwdriver No 3 and wire bender.
8/9) Tick Tools with magnifying glass.
10) Sommelier corkscrew.
11) Tweezers.

The best outdoor knives you can afford

If you’ve been around the topic of knives for a while, you probably know that the price range can really vary. Are you wondering which knife to choose in order not to lose your entire paycheck but at the same time get excellent quality? We have some suggestions for you. Perhaps the models we recommend do not belong to the lowest price level, but they also will not make you live on Chinese soups and bread with ketchup until the end of the month. Unless you like that.

1. QSP Knife Neckmuk

The cheapest knife in our set is the QSP Knife Neckmuk QS125-A model. This small neck knife with a fixed blade was designed by Arthur Bremen, basing on the ideas behind the life of one of the most popular nineteenth-century promoters of life in nature – Georg “Nessmuck” Sears. The knife owes its original name to him.

Neckmuk is a light, handy and small knife, which makes it practical especially during long outdoor trips. Its shape makes it easy to bind game, cut and prepare food, so it will be a great choice for true bushcraft enthusiasts.

[image_with_animation image_url=”3486″ animation=”Fade In” hover_animation=”none” alignment=”” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” image_loading=”default” max_width=”100%” max_width_mobile=”default”]
[image_with_animation image_url=”3487″ animation=”Fade In” hover_animation=”none” alignment=”” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” image_loading=”default” max_width=”100%” max_width_mobile=”default”]

2. QSP Knife Toukan

Another knife at a good price that we want to recommend to you is a model from the same company as above: QSP Knife Toukan I QS113. By looking at the name, you probably know what to expect – color of course! The knife does not take its name from one of the most colorful birds in the world for nothing.

The Toukan is an obvious choice for connoisseurs of extraordinary design, but this is not its only advantage. This knife is extremely easy to use, and its functionality will prove itself on many lonely trips. Choose Toukan if you want to combine a classic model with an original look.

3. QSP Knife Workaholic

The next knife you can still afford is made of excellent German premium Böhler N690 steel. It was designed by a German designer – Sven Kinast. We present you the QSP Knife Workaholic-SK03 QS124-B. As the name suggests, once you use it once you will become addicted forever.

Workaholic is a model for handymen who like to modify their equipment. You can disassemble the handle and use the frame itself, or you can wrap it with the included paracord instead of the handle. The steel used in the production ensures that the knife will remain sharp for a long time. It’s solid and durable – just like you.

[image_with_animation image_url=”3501″ animation=”Fade In” hover_animation=”none” alignment=”” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” image_loading=”default” max_width=”100%” max_width_mobile=”default”]
[image_with_animation image_url=”3489″ animation=”Fade In” hover_animation=”none” alignment=”” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” image_loading=”default” max_width=”100%” max_width_mobile=”default”]

4. ANV Knives P200

The last model in our list is a slightly higher price range, but still buying it will not mean that you will only find light in your refrigerator. We do not hesitate to recommend it. Hand on heart – we just know you will be happy with it. This is the ANV Knives P200 knife available in two options: ANVP200-006 with a stonewash finish and ANVP200-014 with a black DLC finish.

The strength of this model lies in its simplicity. It is small and has optimal weight, which is why it is perfect for various types of outdoor activities. Made of German N690 steel will guarantee the durability and strength of the knife. And besides? Well, this minimalist, classic design is just great! Whichever option you choose, you won’t want to part with it.

The best knives at good prices – choose your model

As you can see, you don’t need to have thousands on your account to be able to buy your dream knife. The models proposed by us will not clean your wallet out, but they sure will serve you for a long time and will give you full satisfaction from using them. Choose one of them and enjoy the new acquisition on your next trip to the forest. Regardless of whether it will be your first knife or you are already a veteran knife, you will be satisfied with our proposals. Or would you like to buy all four? Well, who will forbid the rich 😉