3 simple tips for a beginner bushcrafter

How to start your adventure with bushcraft? If you are considering it seriously enough that you are looking for advice on the Internet, it is a sign that the first step is over. Proper research is half the battle – you cannot go on your first trip without proper preparation. And how to prepare for bushcraft? Check out our 3 simple tips for the beginner bushcrafter.

What is the difference between bushcraft and survival? Get to know the differences

First of all, remember once and for all – bushcraft is not the same as survival. To you as a beginner, it may seem that the difference is small. However, you will quickly understand how wrong you are.

Although the survival and bushcraft foundations are quite similar, the devil is in the details. Bushcraft is about more than just wilderness survival. It is an amazing experience of being close to nature. By choosing bushcraft, first of all, you try to achieve harmony with the surrounding forest. You do not use the latest technological developments, special fabrics and electronic gadgets. You have the simplest tools with you, a thick sweater and a woolen blanket. Bushcraft is the art of keeping things simple and using what you have around you.

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How to prepare for bushcraft? First, learn the theory

Bushcraft is a hobby that requires both experience and knowledge. Experience will come with time, but the knowledge can be acquired from the very beginning. Theoretical preparation is a very important aspect of bushcraft. Start by reading a few books on the subject. Follow bushcraft blogs and check out Youtube. You can also watch documentaries, but remember that their heroes always have a film crew around them and are never really on their own.

Join groups on Facebook, read what people write on thematic forums. See if there is a bushcraft crew in your area. It is worth taking advantage of the knowledge gained from experienced colleagues. Only after you prepare yourself theoretically, you can go on your first expeditions.

How to be safe in bushcraft? By equipping yourself with good equipment, you take care of yourself

Safety during bushcraft is something you must not neglect. Remember that you are not indestructible. Wildlife may surprise you not only at the beginning, but even after you’ve gained a lot of experience. Do not underestimate the forces of nature. Act responsibly to make your trip a pleasure, not an unpleasant memory.

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What is worth taking with you on bushcraft?

Here are some things you should stock up on:

Mobile phone. Even if you plan to completely cut yourself off from civilization, your cell phone will help you contact emergency services, for example, if you get hurt.

A handy first aid kit. Put in it the necessary medications and medical necessities, such as bandages, plasters and disinfectant.

Stock of water and food. This is especially important at the beginning, when you don’t know how to get food yourself.

Additional equipment. Be sure to get a bushcraft knife, take a sleeping mat, a blanket. Get the right clothes. A compass, flashlight or map will be useful. You can also use the tips in our article on 3 things to take for survival.

How to start your adventure with bushcraft?

Bushcraft is a wonderful hobby that can become a lifelong passion. Start slowly, from a few hours in the forest, and stay longer each time. You will gain experience over time – and that’s beautiful! However, you will never forget your first night under the stars, so make sure you prepare well for it. Follow our advice and head to the forest! Adventure awaits.

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