Paweł “Pilnik” Pilecki. A lover of metal files, lathes and milling machines, practicing handicraft for years. He deals with the production of everyday carry accessories (EDC) mainly made of brass and titanium. His products bear “traces” of manual processing and individual nuances for each piece. By purchasing a “Pilnik” product, we become owners of pcs with individual characteristics.

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      Bearded Skull Brass Bead by Pawel “Pilnik” Pilecki

      129.00  Gross, ( 104.88  Net )
      Bearded Skull Brass Bead by Pawel "Pilnik" Pilecki  is a stylish ornament crafted with artisanal passion for your folder, flashlight, or even as a necklace pendant, depending on your imagination. It's a proposition for enthusiasts of unique items, for those who carefully select their accessories. It's undoubtedly a great addition to the collection of brass product fans or members of the EDC (EveryDay Carry) community. This bead is designed for those who value the uniqueness of small-batch creations, where practically every piece has a small nuance distinguishing it from the others. In the case of the "bearded skull," no two are the same! At first glance, they may appear similar, but upon closer inspection, they differ from one another due to the handcrafted material finishing.

      Brass Pen by Pawel “Pilnik” Pilecki | Handmade Bolt Action Pen

      369.00  Gross, ( 300.00  Net )
      Brass Pen by Paweł "Pilnik" Pilecki | Handmade Bolt Action Pen is a stylish everyday writing pen made with passion. This is a proposal for enthusiasts of unique stuff, for people who carefully select the accessories they use. It is certainly a great addition to the set of a fan of brass products, or a member of the EDC (EveryDay Carry) community, carefully choosing his everyday equipment. The Brass Pen is a concept for people who care about how a given thing is made and who is behind it. This is a product for those for whom the uniqueness of a small-series product is important, where practically in each copy a small nuance distinguishes one piece from the other.