MKM fixed blades. Italian brand of knives for variety applications and tasks. Outdoor, EDC and survival knives. Best designers and materials under one brand fom Maniago.

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      MKM Blue Patch

      27.99  Gross, ( 22.76  Net )
      MKM Blue Patch was created for lovers of the brand and its performance clearly emphasizes the manufacturer's attachment to traditional values, although in a modern edition. In the past, patches were designed for the needs of the military. They were attached to jackets, other parts of the uniform or backpacks to help identify friend from foe. Today patches are very popular in non military market to identify and personalisation of clotes and gear, in fact they are available for all of us. Thanks to them we can announce in simply way our hobbies, interests, participations in not formal societies and groups. Patches make us stand out, make us more visible in our personal way.

      MKM Makro 1 Black G10, Stonewash M390 Knife by Voxnæs (MKMA01-GBK)

      849.00  Gross, ( 690.24  Net )
      Nóż MKM Makro 1 Black G10, Stonewash M390 by Voxnæs (MKMA01-GBK) - niesamowicie poręczny i lekki nóż E.D.C. (Everyday Carry) ważący zaledwie 66 g, z solidną stałą klingą. Ten niezwykle wszechstronny nóż charakteryzuje się mocnym ostrzem z zaokrągloną krawędzią tnącą, idealnym do samoobrony i drobnych prac. Projekt pochodzi od duńskiego knifemakera, Jespera Voxnaesa.

      MKM Makro 1 Green Canvas Micarta, Stone Washed Knife by Voxnæs (MKMA01-GC)

      899.00  Gross, ( 730.89  Net )
      Nóż MKM Makro 1 Green Canvas Micarta, Stone Washed by Voxnæs (MKMA01-GC) - wyjątkowy nóż o designie autorstwa Jespera Voxnæsa. To niesamowicie lekki nóż, ważący zaledwie 66 g, wykonany z jednego kawałka doskonałej stali narzędziowej M390. Jest idealnym narzędziem zarówno do codziennego noszenia w mieście (EDC), jak i do zastosowań terenowych, pochodzący od włoskiej marki MKM. Komfortowa rękojeść z Micarty i ostra jak brzytwa, krótka, mocna klinga z zaokrągloną krawędzią tnącą sprawiają, że ten nóż wyróżnia się na rynku.

      MKM Makro 2 M390 Green Micarta by Jasper Voxnæs

      889.00  Gross, ( 722.76  Net )
      MKM Makro 2 M390 Green Micarta by Jasper Voxnæs is a project created in cooperation between a Danish designer and an Italian producer from the Maniago. Makro 2 has a Full Tang construction, a sheepsfoot blade with a flat grind. The M390 steel blade has a stonewash finish. The handle is made of patterned green micarta. The black leather sheath allows for vertical carry and has a magnetic clip.