TRC Knives is a Lithuanian brand founded by knifemaker Andrius Tricius in 2010. The factory located in Ukmerge is the workplace of a small but experienced TRC team. In many cases, individual works are performed manually by qualified workers, and subsequent stages involving machines take place under the watchful eye of specialists. All this to maintain the highest standards of manual, precise craftsmanship. By design, production is limited, and the quality of workmanship is the highest priority of the brand and its founder. The TRC Knives offer includes knives for survival, bushcraft, general outdoor, everyday use (EDC) and tactical knives made of the best materials available on the market. TRC knives have great utility values, and more or less limited versions are desirable in the world of collectors. The TRC Knives brand is proof that a venture started with passion can successfully operate on the global market.

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    Kydex sheath for the Apocalypse knife from TRC Knives | Coyote

    Original price was: € 67.98.Current price is: € 59.18. Gross, (  48.11 Net )
    Kydex sheath for the Apocalypse knife from TRC Knives | Coyote. Optional original kydex holster for the Apocalypse knife made in the TRC Knives workshop. Suitable for every version of this knife available on the market (standard and limited versions). The Apocalypse knife in the basic starter set is equipped with a black kydex holster. In response to the diverse preferences of users in terms of the color of holsters, the manufacturer made available a coyote color.

    TRC Knives Speed Demon

     230.78 Gross, (  187.63 Net )
    TRC Knives Speed Demon knife belongs to the "Tales of Man" series, inspired by famous figures from past eras. It was inspired by the legendary American race car driver Frank Lockhart, known for pushing the boundaries of speed in the 1920s. The creators intended the Speed Demon to be a perfect, compact, efficient, and versatile tool. Despite its medium size, made from premium Elmax steel, it is suitable for "full-sized" tasks and is an ideal everyday carry (EDC) knife. With its skeletonized construction, the Speed Demon has a modern and stylish design. It looks sharp and cuts just as sharp... The current edition, available for the first time since 2019, is numbered from 1 to 300.

    Williams Blade Design SZK005 Shobu Zukuri Kaiken 4.5″ | Elmax | Burlap Micarta

     505.78 Gross, (  411.20 Net )
    Williams Blade Design SZK005 Shobu Zukuri Kaiken 4.5" | Elmax | Black Burlap Micarta The SZK series features a classic Shobu Zukuri grind for excellent lateral strength and cutting ability. Part of our EDC fixed blade line, this knife is optimized for compact and comfortable carry. Featuring an excellent Elmax steel and black burlap micarta handle scales with brass pins. We produced this blade with TRC Knives because of their reputation for outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail. The SZK 005 is a limited run batch of 150 pieces.

    TRC Knives Rubber Velcro Patch Small GITD

     4.40 Gross, (  3.58 Net )
    TRC Knives Rubber Velcro Patch Small GITD for beginner and longtime fans of the iconic Lithuanian knife brand, but not only. Facilitates identification and signals ties with the "family" of TRC Knives devotees. It can also be a valuable addition to the collections for TRC Knives knife collectors and other well-known and respected brands. Sometimes it can also be the first step to start the adventure with TRC Knives, when we are just before buying the first knife and we want to feel the proximity of the brand.

    TRC Knives South Pole | Set with 2 Kydex Sheats: Black & Coyote

     338.58 Gross, (  275.27 Net )
    TRC Knives South Pole | Set with 2 Kydex Sheats: Black & Coyote. Special set containing the bestselling South Pole knife from a Lithuanian manufacturer, a basic black Kydex sheath, and an additional Coyote Kydex sheath. The two holsters provide the option for customization, allowing users to match the holster color to their current equipment. Both holster colors blend perfectly with the ash-gray shade of the Micarta handle on the knife.

    TRC Knives South Pole Vanadis 4 Extra Green

     395.78 Gross, (  321.77 Net )
    TRC Knives South Pole Vanadis 4 Extra Green is a heavy duty knife produced in the Lithuanian manufacturer's workshop. The construction is characterized by above-average durability steel, resistant to heavy loads, coated with the highest quality DLC coating available on the market and it features green handle.

    TRC Knives K-1s & Speed Demon Jungle Wear Set #144 with 2 Knives

     857.78 Gross, (  697.38 Net )
    TRC Knives K-1s & Speed Demon Jungle Wear Set #144 with 2 Knives. This stunning set is the result of a coincidence of events and the discovery in our store of limited knives from a Lithuanian manufacturer announced at different times throughout 2023! A random inspection of stock items revealed that two unique knives with the exclusive FatCarbon Jungle Wear carbon fiber with the same serial number 144 are in our possession! We decided to give one of you the opportunity to take advantage of the opportunity to purchase this amazing single set!

    TRC Knives K-1s Apocalyptic GCM

     340.78 Gross, (  277.06 Net )
    TRC Knives K-1s Apocalyptic GCM is a limited, planned for 2023, knife from the offer of Lithuanian brand. The knife comes with beautiful apocalyptic finish of Elmax blade, different and unique for each piece. Becoming the owner of this model, we can be sure that on the one hand: we will get a specific value in the form of a proven design appreciated in many countries, on the other: we will be the owners of a unique knife.