Trollsky Knives – Michael Trollsky. One of the most renowned Polish knife makers, widely recognized in Poland and highly appreciated internationally. A regular participant in the world’s most prestigious knife shows, including the American “Blade Show.” A connoisseur of whiskey, fine cigars, and the roar of an engine. A man of rich personality, friendly demeanor, and an excellent sense of humor. He forges, shapes, forms, grinds, and etches steel in the fire, delivering knife enthusiasts products with a distinctive chili pepper motif on the blade. His recognizable designs, known for their richness of shapes and colors, are sought after in numerous buying races. As he himself says, “A good, fully functional knife is one you can work with for two hours, and nothing bothers your hand.” This is how he strives to design his knives, and he imparts such guidance to his students, who have the opportunity to create their own knives under his watchful eye through the “Trollsky Knifemaking Academy.”

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