Gadget – land, the land of happiness for small and big boys

Gadżet - landia - wyspa pełna gadżetów

Why do we like EDC accessories? Well, I guess every guy likes gadgets. Even when he says he doesn’t like them at all, he does. Are you one of those denials? Deep down, you know we’re right. You have love for gadgets written in your genes, you sucked it out with your father’s blood, you carved it on the back of your skull. So let us show you around Gadget – land – a land where you will find everything you need to be happy. So, are we going on a journey?

EDC accessories are fun for everyone

Although a knife is an obvious and great gadget, in the outdoor world you can find many more items that will make you happy. Once you have bought your tenth blade for your collection, you may start looking for additional accessories. And then we’ll come in – not all white, but with a wide range of really cool products. They will make your life not only more pleasant but also easier.

It’s worth having a good knife

Whether knives are your long-standing passion or you are just starting out with a topic, there is always something for you in our offer. We perfectly understand your completely innocent love for knives, so we always want to recommend you what we consider a good product. So if you are looking for a knife for a start or a gift, take a closer look at our proposals. Then come back for more.

Folding knife QSP Knife Parrot


Something for beginners who would like to start but do not know what to choose. Don’t worry, we know – Parrot is a model you can start your knife adventure with. It is a folding knife, useful for everyday use. You can carry it in your pocket – thanks to the clip on the handle it will be completely safe there. Particularly noteworthy is the steel from which it was made – initially it was 440c steel, but now it is also available in D2 steel. And it is this option, in three color variants (black, olive, blue), that we propose for the beginning

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Folding knife QSP Knife Penguin QS130-B


A real hit on the market. Why? It is due to precise craftsmanship, extraordinary design and comfort of use. Penguin blade is made of good quality D2 steel, so popular among knife users. Pay attention to the handle – the most popular version is the one with denim micarts, which, although it ages like a regular denim, is resistant to moisture and temperature changes. Its rough surface guarantees that the knife will not slip out of your hand during work. And if you are not a fan of denim accessories, you can also choose Penguin in olive and brown versions.

If not a knife, then what?

Daily items can be completely ordinary, but also completely unique. These are the EDC gadgets we want to offer you. If you’re thinking about a gift just before Christmas, you’ve come to a good place. The accessories we recommend are a great option for a gift for someone close to you or yourself. Finally, it is worth pampering yourself.

Carabiner is not so ordinary

You’ve probably seen a lot of guns in your life. You associate them mainly with climbing walls, but you know that they are also very useful in everyday life, for example as a key ring. However, didn’t you ever think that it could be something more interesting than just a metal connector? We will try to surprise you – we present you with some snap hooks, which you just have to have! What is their uniqueness? You will find out soon.

Carabiner  with knife and measuring tape

Yes, you have read it well. One of the gadgets we really want to show you is this unique snap hook with a knife and measure from RovyVon. It was made of durable titanium, which can withstand the greatest madness. A small knife with an interchangeable scalpel blade No. 11 and a 4cm measuring tape have been incorporated into its body. You can treat this item as an ordinary pendant, but you can also think of it as an original multitool.
A small blade will help in everyday matters such as opening a letter or a parcel. The measure will be useful when you urgently need to measure the length precisely and you do not have a ruler at hand. This unique snap hook can accompany you every day at your wallet, backpack or bag, attaching keys or other small items. And since it is made of super-strong material, you can be sure it will serve you long.
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[image_with_animation image_url=”3789″ alignment=”center” animation=”Fade In” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%”]

Carabiner with bottle opener

The knife is useful in many situations, but it is not like a decent bottle opener. If you already have one or more knives and you don’t need another blade, but would like to make sure you can have a cool, refreshing drink at any time – the RovyVon bottle opener snap hook will be just like it found.
Just like the previous one, this model is made of extremely durable titanium, so you can be sure that it will not be damaged for a long time. Use it as a pendant or a fastener and remember that you don’t have to carry a separate bottle opener with you anymore – this clever gadget is completely enough for you.

Miniflashlight – always have light with you

If we talk about gadgets, we couldn’t miss the flashlight. But not the standard one, which can be found in almost every house. It’s always hard to carry it with you, right? The flashlight on the phone can also be unreliable – either the light is too weak, or the battery is falling too fast. That is why we present you with fantastic, small and lightweight RovyVon mini flashlights, which, due to their small size, are perfect for wearing on a key ring, keychain or backpack.

Flashlight RovyVon Aurora A5x GITD White/UV


You can choose the translucent Aurora A5x GITD White/UV model with 650 lumens, with white and UV side light. It is made of durable, fluorescent polycarbonate, which means it literally shines in the dark. So there is no danger that when the darkness falls, you will look for it blindly – Aurora can be seen even on the darkest night.

[image_with_animation image_url=”3002″ alignment=”center” animation=”Fade In” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%”]
[image_with_animation image_url=”3588″ alignment=”center” animation=”Fade In” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%”]

Flashlight Aurora A9 Cu


If you are a fan of vivid colors and metallic gloss, choose the Aurora A9 Cu Copper. It’s a mini-machine made of copper, with a beautiful, rusty color, ideal as a decorative pendant and useful gadget in one. It has 650 lumens of power and charges via Micro USB, giving a maximum of 30 hours of operation time.

Where to hide it all?


Once you have stocked up on all the unusual and useful gadgets, you will probably find that your pocket is far too small to accommodate them all. So you can scatter your accessories all over the house, looking for them for half a day, and you can get a special, dedicated RovyVon EDC organizer where you can safely store all your equipment.

Organizer EDC RovyVon RX10


You will place any small items – minilaters, snap hooks, penknives, folding knives, key rings, and other valuable everyday items such as an expensive watch or a branded pen. Organizer is made of high quality polycarbonate, which is resistant to mechanical damage. So you do not have to be afraid that its contents will be destroyed, crushed during transport.

[image_with_animation image_url=”4317″ alignment=”center” animation=”Fade In” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%”]
Thanks to the EDC RovyVon organizer all your gadgets will always be in one place, and in case of trips, excursions or expeditions to the forest you will safely pack it into your backpack. There will be no problem with finding free space for it, because it has a perfect, compact size. And if you want to have more of these useful boxes of the new generation, you can stack them one on top of the other – you will see that they fit together perfectly.

EDC accessories – more useful than you thought

As you can see, useful everyday gadgets are not always obvious. However, if you try to replace an ordinary item (snap hook, flashlight, box) with a newer and more interesting model at least once, you will never want to return to these standard accessories again. Why buy something that serves only one purpose, when you can have a multifunctional and great looking tool. So don’t hesitate and give yourself or someone close to you such a fabulous gift. Christmas is coming, you will not find a better opportunity.

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