RovyVon® Utility U8 Titanium keychain carabiner with bottle opener


The RovyVon® model U8 carabiner is made of extremely durable titanium.

Carabiner for keys equipped with a bottle opener.
The carabiner will certainly prove useful when implementing the basic function of the handle that organizes keys or small everyday objects, such as a flashlight (flashlights, keychain, you can find HERE), a measuring tape, a wallet holder, etc.

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About RovyVon®

RovyVon® was not created by accident. The brand has gathered people who have been passionate about everyday EDC equipment and outdoor furniture for years. The ideas, designs and realizations came from the desire to create interesting, comfortable and at the same time durable accessories that will be tested and approved by the creators themselves. Passions have been combined with design experience gained during many years of work of individual team members in consumer companies of a global format, producing, among others. laptops, headphones, outdoor equipment, flashlights, etc. The result of this combination are very interesting, high-quality products that are now available to each of us.

About Utility U8 RovyVon®

The Utility U8 is CNC crafted from titanium which is lightweight and strong. The quick-release carabiner gate makes it easy to attach the U8 to a bag or belt. It could also help to organize your keys or other small gears etc.

NAME: RovyVon® U8

MATERIAL: Titanium

DIMENSIONS: 67,07 x 32,1 x 3,8 mm / 2.64″/1.26″/0.15″

WEIGHT:  13,2 g / 0.47oz



    • NAME: Utility U8 Titanium keychain carabiner
    • BRAND: RovyVon®
    • COLOR: Grey
    • MATERIAL: Titanium
    • FINISH: Stonewash
    • LENGHT: 67,07 mm / 2,64″
    • WIDTH: 32,1 mm / 1,26″
    • THICKNESS: 3,8 mm / 0,15″
    • WEIGHT: 13,2 g / 0,47oz
    • PRODUCER: RovyVon®, China



  • RovyVon® U8 Carabinier
  • Warranty card
  • User manual
  • Packing box



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