Williams Blade Design – James and Christopher Williams

Williams Blades Design. Father and son. Father – a well-known American Far East martial arts trainer, previously designing a new knife for the CRKT knife company, Son – proudly continuing and bringing a breath of fresh air to Father’s design work. The result are Williams Blade Design proprietary projects, which are finally known and appreciated in the knife industry by top-shelf knifemakers.

“Designed for those whose life depends on their tools” –  words well reflecting the spirit of Williams Blade Design‘s designs, indicate what the emphasis is on design work. Interesting shape, high-quality materials and full usability are certainly the main determinants of their activity.

Williams Blade Design – offer

Williams Blade Design specializes in manufacturing a wide range of versatile knives, axes and tools that meet tactical and everyday needs.
The projects show the influence of James Williams, a well-known Far East martial arts trainer since the 1970s. His experience covers various disciplines, but what is most evident in him is his fascination with samurai traditions, which he studied for many years under the supervision of Japanese masters. Williams shares his knowledge with others by conducting training in close combat (training for the police and the army). Leading the project called “The System of Strategy” relies on the skills developed and nurtured by ancient warriors.
Williams is the designer of the “Hisshou” knife and others produced by CRKT (Columbia River Knife and Tool), which are clearly influenced by the legacy of the samurai.
Currently, James Williams and his son Christopher carry out their projects as part of the Williams Blade Desing.