SWIZA is a brand originating from the Jura mountain region in Switzerland, combining the experience of many generations of local artisans.

The beginnings of the brand are the production of clocks, whose creators have joined forces with a handful of local industrialists and visionaries over time to also produce and promote other local goods.

This is how SWIZA was created, which has embodies Swiss versatility, ingenuity and quality for over 110 years.

SWIZA  pocketknives  have been particularly popular in recent years, which brought a fresh breeze and many interesting innovations to the world of handy knives used in everyday life, in many cases defining the concept of the functionality of this creation again.

Particular attention in SWIZA pocket knives is attracted by solutions not available in other brands. They are backed by patents. These include, for example, the tick (TICK TOOL) or full-size scissors.

SWIZA pocket knives are a full range of colors, fresh, modern design, but retaining the spirit of traditional swiss pocket knife, beautiful shape ergonomics and encouraging and useful innovations.