Kubey – An Edge Above The Rest

Kubey is an independent brand existing since 2014. Kubey offers folding and other knives with interesting designs, various materials and very good accuracy of workmanship.

Kubey offer

In the design sphere in Kubey you can find both bold futuristic designs as well as more traditional designs. This means that in the diverse offer, guided by their own aesthetic feelings, everyone can find something for themselves. Kubey’s offer includes most types of blades available on the market, for a variety of applications, including everyday use (EDC – Every Day Carry), outdoor, bushcraft, survival, tactical activities.

In the very extensive category of folding knives, we can find basically every type of blade, almost every type of lock, various designs of handles and fastening clips. Kubey also uses the most modern solutions in the field of bearings (ceramic ball bearings).

Kubey materials and technology

As a manufacturer, the brand uses modern technologies that translate into very high quality of workmanship. Accuracy of works, variety of shapes, including the more complicated ones, Kubey obtains, among others. thanks to: CNC machines for grinding and engraving, milling machines, lasers, etc.

To carry out his projects, Kubey uses a variety of materials, both from the premium shelf and from other shelves, depending on the needs of a given project. The brand’s designs include modern knife steels: Bohler M390, N690, S35VN, AUS-10, D2, VG10 or Damascus steel. We will find handles made of: titanium (6AL4V alloy), carbon fiber, G10 composite, brass, aluminum or stabilized wood.

Let Kubey knife be part of your life!

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