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How not to wander in the dark? The RovyVon® flashlight overview

We have already written about what things you should have in your survival kit. One of these items is a flashlight. You won’t get far in the dark and you don’t want to end every adventure before dark, do you? If you don’t know which flashlight to choose for yourself, you’ve come to the right place. See what flashlight models have been prepared by RovyVon and see which one will be the best for you. A little hint: these flashlights will be useful not only in the forest!

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Use 650 lumens of your Aurora flashlight

Let there be light

Okay, the basic function of the flashlight, i.e. illuminating surroundings in the dark, is something that does not need to be explained to anyone. Are you going to the forest at night? You take a flashlight. Are you going to the basement? You take a flashlight. You go to the garage – the same. Do you get up in the fridge at night? Well, there is light in the refrigerator, but you need a flashlight to get to it (we reveal a secret: if you don’t turn on the main light, no one will notice that you are snacking at night!).

You need a flashlight when sailing, in a tent, on a mountain trip, at a scout camp and at that unpleasant moment when you want to check how many of your socks are hidden under the bed. Airsofters will appreciate the ability to illuminate all the nooks and crannies of the house when they first scatter the balls on the floor (although there is no chance that they will clean them all. Somehow, a few always stay hidden.)

We know what you need light for. In a nutshell – to everything that is dark. But can a flashlight be useful for something else? Definitely yes!

UV in your pocket

UV rays in a flashlight are a clever gadget that will be useful in many everyday situations. Hardly anyone can distinguish real banknotes from counterfeit versions by touch. If you are making cash transactions, you will find it useful to be able to verify the authenticity of the money you receive. Choose the flashlight model that offers you this option, such as the E200u. With it in your pocket you know that you will not be ripped off. Just remember not to use UV light to illuminate bed sheets in hotels. They may surprise you.

UV rays can also be used in other ways. Nowadays, hygiene is of the highest importance. What if we told you that you might have a flashlight that disinfects? Yes, this is not a joke. The E200u and E700u models have a built-in UV-C light that allows you to decontaminate anything you want. You can disinfect a face mask, frequently touched cupboard handles, pens at work and a computer keyboard. With such a flashlight you will say goodbye to the smell of disinfectants.

[image_with_animation image_url=”3245″ alignment=”center” animation=”Fade In” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%” img_link=”https://kapuga.pl/en/produkt/rovyvon-aurora-a8x-uv-red-white-polycarbonate-keychain-flashlights-cree-xp-g3-650-lumens-multifunction-leds-uv-red-white/”]

UV rays to check the authenticity of your money

[image_with_animation image_url=”3246″ alignment=”center” animation=”Fade In” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%” img_link=”https://kapuga.pl/en/produkt/rovyvon-aurora-a5x-gitd-white-red-polycarbonate-keychain-flashlight-cree-xp-g3-650-lumens-multifunction-leds-white-and-red/”]

Take care of your visibility and improve safety

Flashlight perfect for night marathons

If you are looking for a compact option that, however, is as powerful as a full-fledged flashlight, choose one of the Aurora models. This baby is only 6 centimeters in size and is perfect as a key ring. You don’t have to think about taking her away from home, because she will always be with you. You can also use it as a headlight – you can attach it to the cap with a special clip. Thanks to this, it will become an indispensable element of equipment for all night runners.

Always carry a flashlight

Regardless of whether you like night expeditions or you are an ordinary guest who only occasionally ends up  in sudden darkness – it is worth having a suitable flashlight. It is a piece of equipment that is always useful, as versatile as a Phillips screwdriver and electrical tape. The RovyVon brand offers several interesting options, so do not hesitate, choose a model for yourself and enjoy the brightness in all circumstances.

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[image_with_animation image_url=”3060″ alignment=”center” animation=”Fade In” border_radius=”none” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%” img_link=”https://kapuga.pl/en/produkt/rovyvon-angel-eyes-e700s-multipurpose-flashlight-cree-xp-g3-2800-lumens-multifunction-led-white/”]

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