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QSP Knife Stash QS106-B

Stash is a  QSP Knife project reffered to as an 8 in 1 set in the survival set category. The creators intend it to be a universal toolbox for survival or other terrain activities. For this reason, in the addition to the basic thing that is the blade, the components of the Stash model are: a 2-meter piece of paracord, sharpener, flat screwdriver, bottle opener, flint and metal scraper for it, mini led lamp. The kit contains the most intuitive things that a bushcraft maker usually takes with him (e.g. flint) and others that could be obtained properly forming the steel (e.g. opener and screwdriver in the handle). Stash is a comprehensive solution that has the advantage that during preparation for the exit we do not have to remember to pack individual components of your equipment. In addition, it can be a natural choice for a person starting their field adventures, who thus avoids buying individual parts of the sets separately.