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      TRC Knives Speed Demon

       230.78 Gross, (  187.63 Net )
      TRC Knives Speed Demon knife belongs to the "Tales of Man" series, inspired by famous figures from past eras. It was inspired by the legendary American race car driver Frank Lockhart, known for pushing the boundaries of speed in the 1920s. The creators intended the Speed Demon to be a perfect, compact, efficient, and versatile tool. Despite its medium size, made from premium Elmax steel, it is suitable for "full-sized" tasks and is an ideal everyday carry (EDC) knife. With its skeletonized construction, the Speed Demon has a modern and stylish design. It looks sharp and cuts just as sharp... The current edition, available for the first time since 2019, is numbered from 1 to 300.

      TRC Knives South Pole | Set with 2 Kydex Sheats: Black & Coyote

       338.58 Gross, (  275.27 Net )
      TRC Knives South Pole | Set with 2 Kydex Sheats: Black & Coyote. Special set containing the bestselling South Pole knife from a Lithuanian manufacturer, a basic black Kydex sheath, and an additional Coyote Kydex sheath. The two holsters provide the option for customization, allowing users to match the holster color to their current equipment. Both holster colors blend perfectly with the ash-gray shade of the Micarta handle on the knife.

      ANV Knives M050 CMS ANVM050-001 Knife Kiridashi | Elmax DLC Kydex

       114.18 Gross, (  92.83 Net )
      ANV Knives M050 CMS ANVM050-001 Knife Kiridashi | Elmax DLC Kydex it is everyday carry tool (EDC) with tactical feautures. Which knife is the best one? Easily the one that you have with you. The versatility and durability are main advantages of this incredible EDC tool. From opening boxes to self defense, the elmax made M050CMS will have your back. With more gear being worn these days by operatives, it's often hard to find the right place to put the large combat fix blade. The M050 is designed to be worn almost anywhere. Thanks to its very low profile, compact dimensions and self locking hand made kydex sheath, it can be with you any time, any where. M050 features plenty of room even for large hand in gloves while still not being longer than ordinary pencil. The end of the handle features a hexagonal opening for operating the standard ¼” hex bit. With two compartments in its handle, you can carry multiple hex bits or any other item you shall need. M050 comes as standard with a molle clip attached to the sheath and two hex bits in its handle.

      TRC Knives K-1s & Speed Demon Jungle Wear Set #144 with 2 Knives

       857.78 Gross, (  697.38 Net )
      TRC Knives K-1s & Speed Demon Jungle Wear Set #144 with 2 Knives. This stunning set is the result of a coincidence of events and the discovery in our store of limited knives from a Lithuanian manufacturer announced at different times throughout 2023! A random inspection of stock items revealed that two unique knives with the exclusive FatCarbon Jungle Wear carbon fiber with the same serial number 144 are in our possession! We decided to give one of you the opportunity to take advantage of the opportunity to purchase this amazing single set!

      MK Knives & Tools Rambler “HGF2T #3” Bushcraft Knife

       505.78 Gross, (  411.20 Net )
      MK Knives & Tools Rambler "HGF2T #3" is a knife created for wandering and being in the bosom of nature. When choosing a universal forest knife, we recommend this model. It is large enough (260 mm | 10.24" in total) to handle harder work in wood, baring, etc. Its 130 mm (5.16") blade is quite wide and universally profiled, which makes it very efficient and useful for smaller camp tasks, such as preparing a meal. Presented knife has a DLC coated blade made of Elmax premium steel and Desert Tan & green G10 handle. Knife comes with black Kydex holster.