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The Man and His Knife: A Deep Relationship. Introducing to TRC Knives „Tales of Man” Collection

During the 10 years of its existence, the TRC Knives brand has undergone an amazing evolution. From knifemaking with passion, started modestly in 2010, performed by Andrius Tricius alone, to a thriving production “cooperative” consisting of several people. The company has changed, but the passion remains. Andrius has gathered a group of enthusiasts with whom he creates high-class knives, maintaining the meticulous standards of manual production.

The development would not be possible without building a network of distributors responsible for promoting the brand in their countries. Thanks to the established sales network of TRC Knives knives, users in more than 20 countries, including the United States of America, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Great Britain, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, China, Malaysia and Taiwan .

In 2019 TRC Knives introduced a new brand identity with the aim of building a deeper relationship with end users of TRC knives.

How can we learn from the words of Andrius Tricius:

“As a brand, TRC Knives is not just about making excellent knives. It is also about protecting and celebrating certain ways of living. In launching the Tales of Men collection of knives, we made sure that each knife is also a carrier of empowering narratives of manliness. You can find out about it by reading the history of each of our knives.”

The new brand identity was not limited to naming the knives and pointing to the sources of inspiration for each of them. TRC Knives has introduced a package of changes including new product packaging, new certificates of authenticity in the form of mini books (Knife ID), a new website.

„Tales of Man” – “old” heroes for new age

“We know from experience that, for most cus- tomers, an everyday carry knife is much more than a handy tool, it’s part of their identity, a sort of talisman,” says Andrius Tričius, the founder and head knife maker at TRC Knives: “With our new line of knives, we explore the idea of a talisman in a deeper sense, summoning the stories of heroes past to give each knife a unique character.”

The collection draws inspiration from the great men from different time periods and different lines of activity: Frank Lockhart, the legendary American race driver; Roald Amundsen, the great Norwegian explorer; Giuseppe Garibaldi, the acclaimed Italian freedom fighter; Ernest Hemingway, the American novelist, camper, and world-class angler; and the warrior tribe of Sentinelese people. Forthcoming knife models will feature stories of other illustrious characters from history.

„Tales of Man”. Choosing is half the fun

By analyzing the “Tales of Man” collection, we get acquainted with the history of the characters that inspire it. The relationship between the individual knife models and the selected narratives is not accidental. The basic mood and theme of each story match the character and functionality of each knife.

For example, the new “Speed Demon” model is a fashionable urban EDC knife, and this modern adrenaline-charged mood is captured through the story of Frank Lockhart, a badass American racer from the interwar period who dedicated his life to chasing the land-speed record. As you analyse the different models, their technical features, and their functional purposes, you will discover how the stories match, express and enhance the experience of the knife. Each model represents both different use purposes and different ideals of manliness. Choosing, as they say, is half the fun.

“Tales Of Man”. Names that carry power

The new TRC knives are named in the honour and memory of men who – each in his own special way – elevated the concept of manhood to a whole new level. The Tales of Men collection currently includes six knives: “Speed Demon”, “South Pole”, “Mille Cuori”, “Apocalypse”, “This is Freedom”, and “Classic Freedom”.

“The model names have been engraved on the blades, so that the owner can remember the story every time he’s holding the knife in his hands,” explains Mr. Tričius: “It is our humble hope that these heroic narratives will inspire knife enthusi- asts to be the best versions of themselves.”

Complied by: M. Z.

Sources: [03.2020]

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