MK Knives & Tools steel velcro patch big size


MK steel patch made by MK Knives & Tools (Marcin Kampka).

M connected with K, K inextricably linked with M! Consistency of concept, design and execution!

Just like in MK Knives & Tools knives raw steel “forged” into one, perfectly presented whole!

A patch for owners of knives made by MK Knives & Tools or collectors of patches.

Large version, perfect for backpacks or larger bags with a layer of soft velcro.

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MK steel patch made in the MK Knives & Tools workshop from steel subjected to the sandblasting process.

NAME: MK steel velcro patch big size

COLOR: Sandblasted steel

ATTACHEMENT: Velcro hooks

DIMENSIONS: 67 x 35 x 2 mm



    • NAME: MK steel velctro patch big size
    • COLOR: Sandblasted steel
    • MATERIAL: Steel
    • HOLD: VELCRO Hooks
    • SOFT LAYER: Not available
      • DIMENSIONS: 67 x 35 x 2 mm
      • WEIGHT: 10 g
      • PRODUCT CODE: –
      • PRODUCENR: MK Knives & Tools, Poland



  • MK steel velcro patch big size




Every knife that leaves MK Knives & Tools workshop is extremely sharp and carefully examined before it is sheathed and packaged into the box.

The modern knife steels that we use are top-quality materials. However, all metals corrode over time. It is important, therefore, to take certain precautions. After using your knife with sea water, blood, fruits or other corrosive mediums, you should always rinse the knife with fresh water and dry it off. Before storing your knife, apply a thin film of high-quality gun oil. The knife should never be washed with harder chemicals, for this may damage the finish of the blade. We recommend that you always keep your knife and sheath clean and dry when not in use. Always keep your knife sharp, so it can always take care of you.

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