QSP Knife Eagle QS120-B Karambit

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Eagle from QSP Knife is a model that belongs to the karambit family of knives. This type of blade was created a long time ago in Malaysia and the Philippines and its shape was inspired by the claws of large predatory cats. Characteristic for its construction is the curved blade and an inverted handle with a hole for the index finger.

Eagle from QSP Knife, referring to the Karambit tradition, was additionally associated with the silhouette of the eagle. In the end, the curved blade resembles either the bird’s claw or a sharp beak with a watchful eye, which can be seen in the characteristic orange coating located around the mounting screw on the main line of the knife’s axis. The image is complemented by the styling of the G10 composite grip lining, effectively imitating the predator’s plumage.

Eagle for the sake of construction may be suitable for tactical use and for the needs of uniformed services. It works well when cutting ropes, plastics, materials that are difficult to approach, but also it can be used in everyday life more universally. This will provide usable, thought-out, overly unsuspected, distinguished from many karambit models available on the market – subdued, non-extreme curvature of the blade, which is suitable for planing, puncturing, precise cutting etc.

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QSP Knife Eagle karambit folding knife is a great choice for people looking for interesting solutions and having specific requirements for the purpose of the acquired tool.

Durable, efficient blade

The blade derived a flat grind, has gained a very strong karambit style blade. It is a construction that will meet many everyday task, help in precise cutting and also cope with large overloads during stinging, puncturing, etc. It will be also efficient during cutting in really tight areas. The blade made of high-carbon D2 chrome-vanadium tool steel provides an efficient cut and is characterised by high abrasion resistance. The blade has a jimping, which supports the thumb during cuts requiring pressure. The blade has been partially coated with titanium nitride (PVD), which is a decorative element, but also increases the service life of the coated part of steel, protecting it against corrosion.

Smooth opening

The knife is opened due to the  flipper protruding from the blade, which, when the blade is unfolded, serves as a hand guard to prevent the hand from slipping on the cutting edge and potential injuries. The knife is unfolded very freely and smoothly thanks to the steel ball bearing. The knife has a self-adjusting stable opening, which protects against uncontrolled closing during use (liner lock).

Durable handle

Lining if the handle made of thick, durable black G10 composite with a non-slip and rough form to ensure a stable grip. The material of the lining is resistant to moisture, temperature changes, most solvents and acids and is characterised by high resistance to mechanical damage. The gently curved handle with an ergonomic shape adapts perfectly to the handle and provides a stable and strong grip.

Stable clip

Stable carrying of the knife in the pocket is supported by a steel clip, which, when necessary, makes it easier to attach in a backpack, organizer, etc., which reduces the risk of losing the tool. Above the clip at the end of the handle we find a fairly wide opening designed for the thumb. It is dedicated to have realny strong, effcient grip during using the knife.

NAME: Eagle
STEEL: D2 (57-59 HRC)
FINISH: Black/satin

HANDLE: Black G10

LOCK: Liner lock
OPENING: Flipper

WEIGHT: 148 g
SHEATH: No sheath



    • NAME: Eagle
    • TYPE: Folding knife
    • STEEL: D2 (57-59 HRC)
    • FINISH: Black/satin
    • TIP: Karambit
    • HANDLE: Black G10
    • SHEATH: No sheath
    • GRIND: Flat
    • LOCK: Liner lock
    • OPENING: Flipper
    • WEARING CLIP: Present
    • TOTAL LENGTH: 202 mm
    • BLADE LENGTH: 77 mm
    • LENGTH WHEN FOLDED: 136 mm
    • BLADE THICKNESS: 3,2 mm
    • WEIGHT: 148 g
    • PRODUCER: QSP Knife, PRC



  • QSP gift box
  • QSP Knife Eagle QS120-B
  • Knife specification card



QSP knives are covered by a limited warranty. This warranty provides protection against defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty applies to both the knife and its sheath. If the product covered by this warranty fails due to a manufacturing defect we will repair it without charge, or replace it, at our discretion. Only original, unaltered and unmodified items are covered by this warranty.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, improper care, negligence, normal wear and tear, or the natural breakdown of colors and materials over an extended period of time and use.

If you have any questions please contact us – info@kapuga.pl.



  1. Don’t use the edge to cut hard object such as stone, steel tube….
  2. Don’t use the knife as a lever.
  3. Please follow the local and international laws in using QSP knife.
  4. Please wipe it by soft cloth after used, and store in dry place.
  5. Please sharpen the knife properly with correct techniques.

By following these recommendations above, you will enjoy the long life of your QSP.

If you have any questions please contact us – info@kapuga.pl.


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