TRC Knives South Pole Apocalyptic Biohazard 2020

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The project called South Pole Apocalyptic Biohazard 2020 is a very limited version of the South Pole model (more about the model you will find HERE) from the basic line of Lithuanian knives of the TRC Knives brand. The knife comes with beautiful apocalyptic finish, different and unique for each piece. Becoming the owner of this model, we can be sure that on the one hand: we will get a specific value in the form of a proven design appreciated in many countries, on the other: we will be the owners of a unique knife.

In addition to the TRC Knives logo, the name of the knife and its serial number on the blade, we will find on the blade: characteristic symbol of this mini serie: “biohazard” engrave with the year 2020. This is an obvious reference to the viral emergency situation that has occurred all over the Earth, putting individuals, societies and countries in an unprecedented in recent years an exceptional situation, actually changing our existing existence.

Attention in the model is also attracted by the handle linings made of  Natural Canvas Micarta®. Brown tint of the handle plus many of brown tints in apocalyptic blade create amazing color effect.

To sum up: we recommend this knife to people who appreciate the uniqueness of design, but do not forget about the utility of the knife when making purchasing decisions.

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NAME: South Pole Apocalyptic Biohazard 2020
STEEL: Elmax (60-61 HRC)

TIP: Drop point
HANDLE: Natural Canvas Micarta®


WEIGHT: 205 g (without sheath)
SHEATH: Kydex®



    • NAME: South Pole Apocalyptic Biohazard 2020
    • TYPE: Fixed blade (full tang)
    • STEEL: Elmax (60-61 HRC)
    • FINISH: Satin
    • TIP: Drop point
    • HANDLE: Natural Canvas Micarta®
    • SHEATH: Kydex®
    • GRIND: Flat
    • TOTAL LENGTH: 235 mm
    • BLADE LENGTH: 115 mm
    • HANDLE LENGTH: 120 mm
    • BLADE THICKNESS: 4,5 mm
    • WEIGHT: 205 g (without sheath)
    • PRODUCER: TRC Knives, Lithuania



  • TRC Knives gift box
  • TRC Knives South Pole Apocalyptic Biohazard 2020 with unique serial number
  • Kydex® sheath
  • “Knife ID” with certificate of authenticity
  • TRC Knives sticker

Lifetime warranty


Our knifes are covered by a lifetime warranty. This warranty provides protection against defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty applies to both the knife and its sheath. If the product covered by this warranty fails due to a manufacturing defect we will repair it without charge, or replace it, at our discretion. Only original, unaltered and unmodified items are covered by this warranty.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, improper care, negligence, normal wear and tear, or the natural breakdown of colors and materials over an extended period of time and use. Damage not covered under the warranty may be repaired for a reasonable rate. In such cases, a fee will be also charged for shipping. We also offer a life-time free sharpening service. Whenever you feel your knife starts lacking that excellent sharpness, send the knife over to us. You will only be charged for shipping costs. If you have any questions please contact us –



Every knife that leaves our workshop is extremely sharp and carefully examined before it is sheathed and packaged into the box. We keep strict quality control throughout all manufacturing process to make sure the knife is in flawless condition, so that you can enjoy the extreme sharpness and overall quality of your newly purchased TRC knife.

The modern knife steels that we use are top-quality materials. However, all metals corrode over time. It is important, therefore, to take certain precautions. After using your knife with sea water, blood, fruits or other corrosive mediums, you should always rinse the knife with fresh water and dry it off. Before storing your knife, apply a thin film of high-quality gun oil. The knife should never be washed with harder chemicals, for this may damage the finish of the blade. We recommend that you always keep your knife and sheath clean and dry when not in use. Always keep your knife sharp, so it can always take care of you.

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    Wil Luiijf (verified owner)

    $ days after ordering I have got my super TRC South Pole Apo from my Polish friends. They were so kind to help me out and thanks for your nice up to date conversation and your quick shipment! I am very happy with TRC South Pole and I look forward to test it in the wild! I lek you know! Thanks friends!!!

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