Pocket hankie for EDC with Globetrotter and Wanderer’s Foot motives


A unique everyday hankie, perfect for EDC (Every Day Carry) enthusiasts and other people who appreciate unusual decorations, stylish accessories and useful gadgets.

The element that our grandparents would never leave the house without, is now back in favor. It will be used not only for “standard hygienic purposes”, but if necessary, you can use it to wipe an apple, glasses, knife, wrap a sandwich or other thing that requires quick packing and careful handling. The handkerchief can be reused after each washing, which is an advantage in the context of caring for the natural environment.

Front: “Globetrotter” theme

An inspiring drawing showing the figure of a restless spirit, nature lover and adventurer, persistently looking on the horizon for something that many of us are looking for: peace, inspiration, beauty, extraordinary experiences and emotions.

Back: “Foot of the Wanderer” theme

Closely related to the theme of “Globetrotter”. Each of us makes our own paths and leaves traces on them. It is only up to us in which direction we will go. Traveling along the beaten path, but also a rush into the unknown – this is how you could describe the general human tendency to “be here and there”. The foot symbolizes movement and man’s restless nature. You can find the shape of a familiar continent in its outline, but nothing stands in the way, draw your maps and go where your legs (feet) will carry you!

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A hankie for universal use, a useful element of everyday necessities and an inspiring addition to your wardrobe.

Design and execution

The messages and concepts of “Globetrotter” and “Wanderer’s foot” were born in the Kapuga.pl team, the graphics were prepared in cooperation with an external company. Adjusting the graphics and making the EDC handkerchief was entrusted to Mr. Mruk.


The handkerchief with dimensions of 275 x 275 mm is made of high quality cotton. The permanent print was made with the use of Japanese, water-based, odorless pigment inks, dedicated for printing on fabrics. The graphics were captured with high temperature. The handkerchief has thick stitching on the edges, having a decorative function, nicely matching the overall concept and the black and white color scheme. In the upper left corner, the artist’s label Mr. Mruk.

Additional informations

At the initial stage of use, the fabric is a bit more stiff, after washing it becomes soft and pleasant to the touch.

NAZME: Pocket hankie for EDC with Globetrotter and Wanderer’s Foot motives



DIMENSIONS: 275 x 275 mm

Dane techniczne


    • NAZWA: Chusteczka EDC “Obieżyświat / Stopa Wędrowca”
    • MATERIAŁ: Bawełna
    • ILOŚĆ WARTW: 2
    • KOLORYSTYKA: Czarno-biała
    • DŁUGOŚĆ: 275 mm
    • SZEROKOŚĆ: 275 mm
    • GRUBOŚĆ: 2 mm
    • WAGA: “Piórkowa”
    • PRODUCENT: Projekt: Kapuga®; wykonanie: Mr. Mruk

Sposób użytkowania


Aby cieszyć się długim użytkowaniem  rekomendujemy stosowanie się do poniższych zaleceń:

  • pranie ręczne, lub pranie w pralce w temperaturze 30° C,
  • prasowanie jest dozwolone,
  • nie zaleca się prania z użyciem wybielaczy,
  • nie zaleca nie zapierania, kiedy materiał jest mokry.


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